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James Gandolfini dies at 51

James Gandolfini dead

“Sopranos” star James Gandolfini has died of a heart attack while vacationing in Italy. He was 51.

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(PIX11) – This sounds like an episode of “The Sopranos,” but it has been revealed that actor James Gandolfini’s watch was stolen from his hotel room the day he died.

“The Sopranos” star died from a heart attack in June while on vacation in Rome.

According to TMZ, the insurance form filed by Gandolfini’s family shows the $3,700 Rolex watch was missing from his room.

They believe someone snuck into the room and stole it.

No suspect has been named.


James Gandolfini was vacationing with his son, Michael, in Rome when the 51-year-old actor died of a heart attack.

(PIX11) — Actor James Gandolfini, who died unexpectedly of a heart attack last month, left the bulk of his $70 million-plus estate to his 13-year-old son.

The boy, Michael, has received a trust that has been set aside for him until he turns 21, according to the New York Post. It was Michael who reportedly discovered his father unresponsive in their Rome hotel suite on June 19.

Another large portion of Gandolfini’s estate will be given to his 8-month-old daughter, Liliana, including Gandolfini’s Italian property, that she can split with her half-brother Michael when she turns 25.

The late actor also left significant amounts of money to his wife Deborah, sisters and other extended family members. His personal assistant will receive $200,000.

Gandolfini signed his last will and testament in December, just six months before he died at the age of 51.

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — The world lost an acting legend last week. And Thursday morning James Gandolfini was not only remembered for his skill as an actor but as a wonderful person.

Family, friends, co-stars and fans packed the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine for the actor’s funeral. It was filled to capacity.

Best known for his role as Tony Soprano, James Gandolfini was also remembered for his heart and his hugs.


Longtime friend Thomas Richardson was one of four people who spoke during the service. He asked people to “Think of Jim and hug. And hug people too tight and hug your loved ones too long.”

Many of “The Sopranos” cast members attended the funeral in Morningside Heights. Edie Falco, Steve Buscemi, Michael Imperioli, and Tony Sirico were just a few seen climbing the steps of the Cathedral.

“He was a great actor and he was a great guy. We lost a treasure. He had a new baby. She will grow up and be told who he was by her mom. It is sad, it’s sad,” sad former co-star Sirico.Kaden3


David Chase, the creator of “The Sopranos,” also spoke Thursday. He made the mourners laugh but he paused during his words for tears. He spoke of Gandolfini’s wish “to be a man,” something Chase said he already represented to so many people. But Chase said he saw Gandolfini as a boy; a sad boy.  His thoughts were in the form of a letter to Gandolfini.  “You could see it in your eyes. That’s why you were a great actor,” said Chase.


“It was a beautiful ceremony. He was a beautiful guy. I worked with him many times,” said “Sopranos” actor Frank Albanese. “He was a joy to work with; a great actor, a great man, a great human being.”

Hundreds of fans waited outside the Cathedral. It was one last goodbye to the 51-year-old New Jersey native who died of a heart attack on June 19th in Italy.

“He spoke to a very broad audience and I think he touched people’s feelings,” said fan Vicky Rizzo.

James Gandolfini is survived by his wife Deborah Lin, his baby daughter Lilliana and his teenage son Michael.

PARK RIDGE, NJ (PIX11) – At a private visitation in Park Ridge New Jersey, the friends and family  of  James Gandolfini wanted to talk about who he was when the cameras weren’t rolling. The man the fans didn’t know.

Under a shield of security, It seemed like an endless stream of mourners going into the Robert Spearling funeral home.  Then on the streets there were fans who just wanted to be here to pay their respects. Park Ridge is Gandolfini’s hometown.

Last week, Gandolfini’s 13-year-old-son found his father collapsed in Italy after a day of sightseeing with the family. This man tried to console his young son now fatherless inside the funeral home.

They sat outside stoically. Many spoke of the shock they were all in losing their hero as they called him, so unexpectedly.

The funeral will be held on Thursday at St. John the Divine Cathedral in Upper Manhattan at 10p.m.

James Gandolfini funeral to be held at the Cathedral Church of St. John The Divine

James Gandolfini’s body has been returned to the United States.

(CNN) — The body of actor James Gandolfini has been returned to the United States, a family friend said Monday.

A charter flight to Newark, New Jersey, on Sunday night carried the body of the “Sopranos” star, Michael Kobold said.

An autopsy determined his death was the result of a heart attack, Kobold said.

A funeral service for family and friends is scheduled for Thursday in New York, Kobold said. It will be held at The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in Manhattan.

Gandolfini, 51, died last week while on a working vacation in Rome. He arrived there with his son, Michael, the day before he died.

“Jim was happy, he was healthy, he was doing really fine,” Kobold said recently. “He was on vacation with his son. He has an 8-month-old daughter. Everything was going great. I just spoke to him on Father’s Day.”

The same day Gandolfini died, he had visited the Vatican and dined with his son, the family said. After he returned to his room, his son alerted hotel staff that he was not answering knocks on the bathroom door.

Hotel staff broke down the door to get to him and called an ambulance, said Tiziana Rocca, head of a film festival the actor was planning to attend.

Gandolfini was in Italy to receive an award at the Taormina Film Fest in the Sicilian town of Taormina.

Instead of the award ceremony, the festival paid tribute to Gandolfini’s lifetime achievements.

The actor shot to fame on the HBO drama “The Sopranos.” In the widely successful series, he played Tony Soprano, a tough New Jersey crime boss. He also appeared in various movies, including “Zero Dark Thirty” and “Killing Them Softly.”

Morningside Heights, MANHATTAN (PIX11) — The Cathedral of St. John the Devine will be front and center this week when hundreds of people make their way to Morningside Heights for the funeral service of the late, great actor James Gandolfini who will be laid to rest at 10 o’clock in the morning on Thursday.

“The Sopranos” TV mob boss died of a heart attack last week while on vacation in Rome with his young son.  He was only 51-years-old.

“If he’s a Christian its the perfect place,” said a resident of the area for more than 30 years, Nicholas Sanditzky, who considers himself a bit of an expert when it comes to his favorite landmark in the neighborhood.

So we got a bit of history lesson on the great church.

The first cornerstone of the cathedral was laid in 1892 and it is still not complete.

“When it was first built, the bishop said, ‘I’ll finish it when there is no more poverty in the world.’  That was never going to happen,” laughed Sanditzky.

Completed or not, Sanditzky says it doesn’t take away from spectacular structure.

“The altar is magnificent, the ceilings are fantastic, the glassworks is unbelievable.”

Especially, Sanditzky says, that rose window that is smack dab in the middle.

“It is second largest in the world,  33 feet diameter. The cobalt blue in the window is the hardest color to get in glass so that is a magnificent rose window,” explained Sanditzky.

As far as this resident is concerned, Gandolfini’s family choosing this church for the funeral, is ideal.

“It’s got class, it’s got history…and it is one of the largest Catholic cathedrals in the world, so you couldn’t pick a better one,” said Sanditzky.

Funeral services for actor James Gandolfini have been scheduled.

Services will be held Thursday morning at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in Morningside Heights.

The “Sopranos” star died suddenly while on vacation in Italy.

He was just 51-years-old.


The Eulogium for James Gandolfini

The legacy of James Gandolfini will be that he forever forged his name in the pantheon of television greats.

Think about it, along with the likes of Archie Bunker, Lucy Ricardo and the crew of MASH, Tony Soprano will indelibly be added to our list of absolute greats.

New York, NY (PIX11) - Headlines paint a picture of an overindulgent James Gandolfini, binging on booze and food the very night he died.

The NY Post reports, three hours after a massive meal of fatty foods coupled with a lot of alcohol, Gandolfini’s 13-year-old son found his 51-year-old father dead on their hotel room floor.

The autopsy report confirms Gandolfini died of heart attack.

Could one night of decadence kill him?

PIX 11’s medical expert and host of the ‘Dr. Steve Show,’ Dr. Steve Salvatore, said, “It is hard to say if that meal played a role in that evening’s event but when you have a high fat meal, it goes right into your blood stream.  We’re hearing a double order of fried prawns, massive order of foie gras and on top of it, a pina colada, two extra shots, another pina colada, two extra shots and two beers.  That really speaks to the excessive type of behavior of overeating and overindulging.  This is not something that only happened one time.  It is probably a pattern.


A pattern, reports say, that may also include hard drugs on the menu for the 260-pound TV mob boss.  As Gandolfini’s divorce records alleged back in the Sopranos days, he used to do cocaine with some of his cast mates.

“We know cocaine puts a significant strain on the heart.  If cocaine was involved it could be a definite trigger for a heart attack but we just don’t know that yet,” said Salvatore.

A toxicology report, if ordered, would show if anything else was in his system.

Meanwhile, a family spokesperson, has insisted Gandolfini died from a heart attack due to natural causes.

A friend of the actor told The Daily News that Gandolfini’s food and alcohol intake in Rome, specifically the night he died, “was nothing out of the ordinary.”

James Gandolfini dead

Governor Chris Christie has ordered all New Jersey government flags be flown at half-staff on Monday in honor of James Gandolfini.

Christie called the “Sopranos” star and New Jersey native an “iconic actor, who left a timeless impact.”

The Governor issued Executive Order No. 135, stating, “it is with profound sadness that we mourn the loss of James Gandolfini and extend our sincere sympathy to his family, friends, and countless fans.”

Gandolfini, 51, died of an apparent heart attack Wednesday while on vacation in Italy.