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Bob Costas gun-law controversy

Bob Costas stirs controversy with gun control remarks at half time, spurred by the Jovan Belcher murder-suicide.

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It is no doubt a highly contentious issue -gun control, and it’s an issue Governor Cuomo is expected to tackle Wednesday in his state of the state address.


NEW YORK (PIX11) - Gawker editor John Cook has published a list of licensed gun owners in New York City.

Cook obtained the 446-page list in 2010 after a Freedom of Information law request, for work on a different story.

It does not include addresses.

Last month, The Journal News sparked controversy for publishing an online map of the names and addresses of people with pistol permits in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting.

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Lionel: The Second Amendment illiterate Mr. Costas

Bob Costas tried his hand at liberal, pro-leftie bunkum as to guns. Too bad he knows not the facts.

Bob Costas creates controversy with gun control remarks at half time