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  • Yes, your wine glass keeps getting bigger

    If you drink wine, there’s a good chance you measure intake by the glass. Here’s why that’s problematic: Modern wine glasses are seven times larger than those of centuries ago—and notably bigger than glasses that are just two decades old, according to a new study. Researchers at the University of Cambridge analyzed more than 400 antique and modern wine glasses, including some of various British monarchs, and determined the average and median size of glasses has increased gradually since the […]

  • Americans are less religious, largely unconcerned about alleged ‘War on Christmas’ poll finds

    Americans are getting a little less religious in their Christmas observance, though the vast majority still celebrate the holiday that marks the birth of Jesus Christ, according to the Pew Center on Religion and Public Life. Pew regularly polls Americans on religious belief and observance, asking the same questions over time in order to follow trends in American religion. Here are some of the results of their poll of 1,503 Americans: In the 2017 poll, 66 percent believe Jesus was […]

  • Grandmother and granddaughter graduate from college together – with honors

    CHICAGO – Most grandparents hope to live long enough to see their grandchildren graduate college, but one got the unique chance to follow her granddaughter across the stage and pick up a diploma of her own. “When we started together we never intended on being finished at the exact same moment so this was actually a coincidence, but we are proud and excited to be doing it together,” said granddaughter Karea Berry. The two graduated from Chicago State University Thursday. […]

  • Man fed up with porch thieves sells booby-trapped box that sends crooks running

    TACOMA, Wash. – When it comes to catching package thieves, some homeowners use surveillance cameras.  But Jaireme Barrow wants to scare them away so they never come back. So about a year ago he invented something he calls “The Blank Box” – and he says business is booming. The package – an empty booby-trapped box – is left on a porch. But it’s rigged with fishing wire and a 12-gauge shotgun blank that goes off. “Now it’s ready to go,” […]

  • ‘Kitty Bitty’ the stowaway cat from Georgia found in California 5 months later

    LOS ANGELES – A feline stowaway discovered riding aboard a big rig in California’s Riverside County turned out to belong to a Georgia family who has been missing him since the Fourth of July, officials said Friday. The tabby, named Kitty Bitty, was apparently along for the long haul as a truck driver for Pepsi made the trip out west, according to John Welsh, a spokesman for the Riverside County Department of Animal Services. “We can only surmise he somehow […]

  • Mother found guilty of murder after 16-year-old daughter starves to death

    DES MOINES, Iowa — An Iowa mother was convicted of murder Thursday in the starvation death of her 16-year-old daughter, who weighed only 85 pounds when she died, according to WHO. Nicole Finn was also found guilty of three counts of first-degree kidnapping, related to her other children. Natalie Finn died in October of 2016 after being found unresponsive and not breathing on the bare floor of a bedroom at the family’s West Des Moines home. Investigators say she was […]

  • Couple adopts seven brothers and sisters who were split up in three separate foster homes

    MARIANNA, Fla. — A Florida couple just became a family of nine after adopting seven children – all brothers and sisters and all at once! Sofia and Dashoan Olds said they always knew they might adopt some day, according to Today. The Olds said once they saw a news story about the siblings, it just felt right to adopt. “There was no question, if they allow us to adopt these children, we will do it,” said Sofia. “I like to say […]

  • 7-year-old’s heartbreaking letter to Santa inspires flood of donations

    EDINBURG, Texas – A 7-year-old Texas girl’s Christmas wish list has hundreds of people donating after her first-grade teacher shared her humble requests on Facebook. Ruth Espiricueta told KGBT one of her students at Monte Cristo Elementary School in Edinburg, Crystal Pacheco, wrote the letter after a lesson about the difference between wanting and needing something. “I have binde (been) good this day,” Crystal wrote. “This Christmas I would like a ball and a food. I need a blancet.” Espiricueta […]

  • Woman mauled to death by her dogs while taking them for a walk

    GOOCHLAND COUNTY, Va. – A 22-year-old woman found dead in a wooded area of Virginia Thursday night after she was mauled to death by her dogs, Goochland County Sheriff James Agnew said. Bethany Lynn Stephens’ father called 911 Thursday, at about 8:18 p.m., when he went looking for his daughter off Manakin Road in Goochland, where she often walked her dogs. He discovered her dogs in the woods, and he told the sheriff’s office the dogs appeared to be “guarding” Bethany’s […]

  • Customer finds side of cocaine with order of cheese sticks, police say

    GRIFFITH, Ind. — A fast food restaurant in Northwest Indiana will remain closed until police figure out how drugs allegedly wound up in a customer’s order. A Broad Street Gyros customer called police Nov. 21 saying she thought there was cocaine in her takeout order. She told police she found a small baggie of white powder stuffed inside a plastic foam cup along with her cheese sticks, according to the Chicago Tribune. She added that, along with the owner, Carrie […]