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  • “The Children” : A new play tackling real world social issues

    NEW YORK—Audiences may be surprised when they go see “The Children” , a play now making its American debut. “If they are waiting for little children to come on stage we are the children,” Francesa Annis said. Veteran British actress Francesca Annis plays Rose, a nuclear physicist, who decides to confront the chaos she helped create in the world through a series of events. “As adults we must face up to taking responsibility and not behave like children which a […]

  • Air Supply rocker Graham Russell brings original score to new off-Broadway musical ‘A Wall Apart’

    MIDTOWN, Manhattan- A rock legend is playing a different tune these days  in a new musical A Wall Apart, part of New York Music Festival. “When I was in superstar, which was a long time ago, I always thought God it would be nice to write a score for a show like this so now I am finally doing it,” Graham Russell said. Graham Russell, actually sang on stage in Jesus Christ Superstar. He was also a rock star in his own right, creating the […]

  • ‘Indecent’ stars Adina Verson and Katrina Lenk bring the scandal to the Broadway stage

    MIDTOWN, Manhattam- “I know there Is like indecent exposure it’s the only thing I can think of that has an actual definition,” Adina Verson said.  Adina Verson and Katrina Lenk bring the scandal on stage in the Tony Award-winning play Indecent. “It’s about immigration policies, love, censorship and religious hypocrisy,” Verson explained. It’s a play about a play that was banned from Broadway in the 1920s for being obscene. It’s about a jewish brothel owner whose daughter falls in love with […]

  • Janeane Garofalo makes Broadway debut alongside Lili Taylor in ‘Marvin’s Room’

    MIDTOWN, Manhattan- It was made into a hit movie with some  big names,  like Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Now, Marvin’s Room returns to its roots on stage, with two familiar faces playing estranged sisters dealing with their dysfunctional family dynamic.  “I can’t sing for bleep, I can’t sing for sugar,” Janeane Garofalo joked. Well, luckily, Janeane Garofalo doesn’t have to sing, but it is the standup comedienne’s Broadway debut. “It never seemed to be in my grasp and it […]

  • Ben Platt celebrates top high school performers at annual Jimmy Awards

    New York, NY – June 14, 2017 – THE JIMMY® AWARDS is pleased to announce that 74 high school students from across America will compete for the award for Best Performance by an Actor and Actress as well as other honors and scholarships at the ninth annual awards ceremony. The presentation will take place on Monday, June 26th at 7:30PM at the Minskoff Theatre, 200 West 45th Street in Manhattan. Tickets can be purchased by visiting JIMMYAWARDS.COM or TICKETMASTER.COM and […]

  • 10-time Tony Award winning producer, Daryl Roth, shares her journey to Broadway

    MIDTOWN, Manhattan- Daryl Roth’s passion is ever present the moment you step into her office. “It fills my heart,” she smiled. For this 10-time Tony Award winning producer, each show is special, each person is memorable and each day a chance to make an impact. “I’m very interested in finding projects that really open people’s minds and hearts,” she said. Perhaps the greatest example of this comes in the form of red thigh high boots. “I’m most proud of it because it was my […]

  • NYU lecturer, Allan Goldstein, draws from personal connection to break down barriers through disabilities course

    BROOKLYN, New York- “What the typical students get is that we’re all people first, that we all want the same thing which is work and love,” Allan Goldstein said. There’s no message more important than this for Allan Goldstein, a senior lecturer at NYU. “We’re breaking down barriers,” he said.  He invites people with disabilities from ADAPT Community Network into the classroom to work closely with students on digital video projects. “At the beginning of this I considered myself a pretty good ally of people […]

  • Jodi Guber Brufsky turned self doubt into athleisure company that promotes self love

    MIDTOWN, Manhattan — “I really wanted to build a brand that embodied body positivity and self love, really loving yourself as you are today!” It’s a simple, straightforward mission Jodi Guber Brufsky pushes with a passion. “I hear nine and ten year olds talking about losing weight and it breaks my heart,” she said. She’s the co-founder of Beyond Yoga, an athleisure brand that sells clothing for women of all shapes and sizes. “There’s definitely companies that have similar products but I […]

  • New York’s First Lady, Sandra Lee, brings us into the kitchen where she offers budget-conscious cooking classes

    UPPER WEST SIDE, NY- She doesn’t shy away from anything. Last fall, New York’s First Lady, Sandra Lee, sat down with me to talk candidly following her double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. “Breast cancer is not something you go through alone, I was very lucky I have Andrew,” she said in 2016. Not a day a goes by where she isn’t thankful. “I had a tough couple of years,” she said. “I just had my check up and everything is great.” […]

  • Bronx librarian hopes to change lives and literacy rate by reading to children in shelters

    THE BRONX, NY- Whether he’s reading or singing Colbert Nembhard finds his bliss in books.“It’s something that I enjoy, it’s my passion,” he smiled. Every Wednesday for the last eight years, he strolls into the SCO Family of Services ‘Crotona Inn” shelter for story time. “I need to do this to inspire these kids because of the environment, I don’t know what’s going on at home,” he explained.  He comes stocked with a variety of books, toys and endless energy. “I don’t […]