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How many people can say they have called the Heavyweight Championship of the World featuring Mike Tyson… in Spanish?

Or have counseled a presidential nominee in midflight in the most-historic presidential election in U.S. history?

Whether it is the boxing ring or the political arena, Mario Diaz is uniquely qualified to speak about both because he has done both.

As an award-winning journalist for PIX 11 News, Diaz was honored with an Edward R. Murrow Award in 2014 for best News Series in the region for his investigative reporting of the “Shop and Frisk” scandal in New York City.

Diaz also has been awarded multiple NATAS New York Emmys. In a racially explosive 2012 interview, East Haven Connecticut Mayor Joe Maturo told Diaz, “I might have tacos’’ as part of his Latino outreach plan. Diaz received national recognition after the interview, earning praise from Jon Stewart who proclaimed on The Daily Show that when it comes to the Taco Mayor interview, “I can never get enough.” In 2014, Diaz also was honored with an Emmy for his in-depth profile of former Newark Mayor and U.S. Senator Cory Booker.

As a reporter specializing in crime and politics, Diaz has broken exclusive reports that resulted in investigations at the state and federal levels. Diaz’s first report on PIX 11 News prompted the Miller Coors Brewing Company to pull its Puerto Rican Day Parade campaign after the company received national criticism for placing offensive ads throughout the city.

Since being recruited to the PIX 11 News Team in 2011, Diaz also has anchored the Newtown tragedy and the Giants Super Bowl championship celebration.

Prior to relocating to New York City, Diaz worked in political management on the national level. In 2008, he served as the Southeast Regional Communications Director for U.S. Senator John McCain’s presidential bid, representing the largest region of the campaign.

Diaz’s career began with an early internship in broadcast journalism at 17. During his junior year at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas he was signed to a sports anchor contract by the ABC affiliate in Las Vegas, where he captured a NATAS Southwest Emmy for reporting. At 19, he announced his first world championship fight in Spanish for HBO Boxing Pay-Per-View. Diaz continues his relationship with the network and has announced more than 150 championship fights.

In 1999, he was the focus of a New York Times feature regarding his entry into the highly competitive sports broadcasting industry. In the summers of 2001-02, Diaz hosted ESPN’s Tuesday Night Fights series. In 2002, he transitioned to news as a weekday anchor for the CBS affiliate in Tampa-St. Petersburg.

Diaz resides with his wife and son in Westchester County.

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