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    It’s a G Thing: Formerly homeless Veteran gets fresh start, finds new purpose with HELP USA

    Marilyn Faña welcomes everyone into her home with open arms. “If somebody comes and knocks on my door, and tells me that they’re hungry, I’m going to feed them,” she said. It’s second nature for her to give; to strangers, to neighbors and to her country. “Two days after I graduated high school, I went into the United States Army,” she recalled. “I was a long distance telephone operator, I connected soldiers with their loved ones” She served for three […]

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    It’s a G Thing: Bayside chef brings taste of Greece to restaurant, wins ‘Chopped’ competition

    It doesn’t get more Greek than Maria Petridis! When she’s not teaching me dance moves, she’s cooking authentic meals from her hometown. “I grew up in a village in Northern Greece called Skoutari, Serres and I grew up as a farm girl,” she said. As a child, she watched her mother cook for the family;. “You grow up learning if you’re hungry, there’s not phone to pick up for delivery,” she smiled. Maria remembers having to chase and kill chickens […]

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    Two-time Oscar winner, Cate Blanchett, makes Broadway debut in ‘The Present’

    A wife and mother lusting for a younger woman, a fierce British monarch, and a troubled socialite recovering from a mental breakdown: On screen, Cate Blanchett has done it all while also running the Sydney Theatre Company with her husband, Andrew Upton. “We really wanted to bring a whole production to Broadway but running the company with four children, it was really difficult to do that,” Blanchett said. Now, the two-time Oscar winner is making her Broadway debut in The […]

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    It’s a G Thing: 8-year-old snowboarder keeps pushing after winning national championship

    “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new,” LJ Henriquez said. It’s how LJ  approaches life and what he thinks about every time he straps on his snowboard. “Do you wake up every morning and start thinking about the mountain?” I asked. “Yes!” he said. He’s only 8 years old and has already found his passion. “[I feel] excited and happy when on top of the mountain,” LJ said. He may be small but he dreams big. […]

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    Nonprofit Prom King donates dress clothing and confidence to young men

    “It’s about opportunity, it’s about empowerment and it’s about enhancement,” Evelyn Alverez said. A strong, simple mission that comes with some style. “There are just three examples of some of the suits we received,” Alavarez showed us. Evelyn Alvarez collects and distributes dress clothing for young men through her non-profit, Prom King. “We’re about being able to say, you got all the stuff, and if what you’re missing is a shirt, that’s the least of your problem and we totally […]

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    It’s a G Thing: Eleni’s Pop of Color gives scarves to patients to help them battle cancer

    It’s an emotional day for Elizabeth Kassner “Today I’m a little tired, because they need to give me infusions,” she said. She’s been battling Lymphoma for three years, here at Monter Cancer Center. “I’m taking a journey, and at the end of the journey, I’m going to beat cancer and kick its butt,” she smiled. It’s a journey that sometimes leaves people feeling isolated and alone but Niki Dounis wanted to change that. “You wear your scarf and you feel […]

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    It’s a G Thing: David Branch, two division WSOF champion, talks NYE fight and making better life choices

    “I’m gonna do what I always do, go out there and win” Confident is an understatement when it comes to David Branch. “Here comes the executioner!” he said. “I feel like they’re giving me a lamb and they’re saying how long will it take for the champ to dismantle this guy.” He’s preparing for his next MMA matchup on New Year’s Eve, competing in the world series of fighting at Madison Square Garden. “I do a full profile on my […]

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    Seniors create unique homemade ornaments for the holidays

    The holidays are on full display here at the Carter Burden Center for the Aging. “The holidays are such a wonderful time here because there’s so many different cultures here,” Runita Miller-Gerald said. The seniors are putting their own personal touch on the season creating handmade ornaments. “You really have to sit down and scheme out what you’re gonna do just to make it as pretty as possible,” she added. “This is gonna be a star when I put the […]

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    ‘No Limits’ nonprofit performing at Carnegie Hall to raise awareness for deaf children

    “Talented, creative, and smart,” Lana Pollack said. “Those are the main word I would use to describe myself.” 12-year-old Lana Pollack cherishes the ability to express herself more than most. “I was just out there in the world, not knowing sound existed,” she described. She was born deaf, never hearing a thing for five years. “She never responded to my jingling keys, babies love that,” Bridget Pollack remembered. “She used to mimic me, but without sound, that’s when I knew […]

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    It’s a ‘G’ Thing: STEM program teaches kids to fly planes through pilot simulation

    “It’s really hands on” Michelangelo described. “I think it’s a very unique experience!” Middle school minds are taking flight inside IS 187 (The Christa McAuliffe School) in Brooklyn. “If I went to any other school I wouldn’t have these opportunities to do what I’m doing right now,” he added. 8th grader Michelangelo and his classmates are doing what some people only dream of, learning how to fly a plane. “It feels really nice when you get to a milestone,” Daniel […]