Street closures for UN General Assembly
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Kirstin Cole is a reporter and fill-in anchor for the PIX 11 Morning News. The four time Emmy Award Winner re-joined the station in 2011, having worked here during the original launch of the morning news in 2000 – 2001. In between, she was the consumer investigative reporter and anchor at WCBS-TV for the 10 years between, and also substituted as an anchor on the CBS Morning News.

She originally got her start in journalism at WLNY-TV and News 12 Long Island as an anchor in 1995, and also worked for ABC and Fox affiliates in Columbus, Ohio.

Kirstin has exposed scams and dangerous products and is responsible for getting thousands of dollars back to countless consumers. Frequently going undercover, she has done investigations about unsafe products and abusive consumer practices. Her reporting has exposed salons allowing illegal underage tanning and its links to skin cancer, filthy supermarkets, child discrimination, drunk high rise construction workers, illegal botox, appliance repair rip-offs, nursing home abuses, dangerous daycares and diamond buying scams.

And her lust for adventure has taken her to challenging places in her reporting: submerged in a sinking car and learning how to escape from a plane crash in water all to share survival techniques. She’s reported while rappelling down a building, from horseback, helicopters, an aircraft carrier in the Atlantic, police cars and ambulances, as well as a jail cell, all to tell compelling stories.

As a breaking news reporter, she has covered the attacks of 9-11, floods and tornados, the crash of TWA Flight 800 off Long Island, and countless fires and blizzards.

And she is passionately involved in many charitable organizations. She is a 12 year board member of the Achilles Track Club, helping disabled athletes compete in mainstream races. She’s also previously served as a board member for the New York Institute of Technology, a school that has fostered many broadcast journalism careers. She has been a long time supporter of the Edwin Gould Services for Family and Children, helping foster children in New York to find meaningful home lives with parents. She also raises money for the cancer research and treatment through cycling long distances in honor of her many friends and family members afflicted with forms of the disease.

Kirstin has been honored with Emmys, Associated Press Awards, honors from the Society of Silurians (the oldest journalism organization in the United States), The Society of Professional Journalists and the New York Press Club.

Cole is a summa cum laude graduate of Chicago’s Loyola University with a degree in communications and a concentration in journalism. She lives in the New York she loves with her fiancé, daughter and son.

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