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Muller is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and anchor of the PIX11 News at 5 and 10.

He recently returned home to PIX following a three year stint at ABC News where he anchored ‘World News Now” and ‘America This Morning’.

He also filled in as News Reader and Correspondent on ‘Good Morning America’.

Muller was the founding male anchor/host of the “PIX11 Morning News.”

His 11-year run on the ground-breaking show made him the third longest running New York City anchor to work on the same broadcast.

Muller has taught Broadcast News Writing and Reporting as an adjunct professor at Fordham University.

He has been a guest lecturer at his alma mater, New York University.

He is an accomplished singer, performing in New York City clubs with rock and roll bands including shows with legendary guitar man, Earl Slick.

Muller is also an avid golfer, tennis player and hiker.

His charity work includes helping raise money for “The Special Olympics” and “The Coalition for Asian American Children”.

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