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  • Northwell Health’s new heart transplant program sees 6 successful operations so far

    MANHASSET, Long Island — From the moment you meet her, you can feel the energy that radiates from Yvonne Fleming. It’s hard to believe that just four months ago, her heart was in such bad shape that she needed a new one. “Back in November, I had a massive heart attack where I lost 70 percent uses of my heart. Usually when someone has a heart attack of that proportion, they don’t survive,” Fleming said. But Fleming is a spiritual […]

  • Soledad O’Brien talks about her successful shift from the anchor chair to CEO of her own media company

    NEW YORK— Smart and courageous, Soledad O’Brien rose to national fame on “Weekend Today” in the late 1990’s. She then built her career over the next 14 years. “I will always be a journalist. I love reporting stories. You know, journalism has changed a lot, I think a lot of the tenets stayed the same, but journalism has changed. We’re really sort of in the business of creating content,” O’Brien explained. And a change in the business brought a change […]

  • The kids from “School of Rock” talk about what it takes to do 8 shows a week on Broadway

    NEW YORK—Most kids their age spend their days in school, with activities and friends filling their afternoons. But for Ava Briglia and Jim Kaplan, a normal day usually ends with a company bow! “Being on Broadway is probably the most amazing thing that I’ve experienced in my entire life,” Kaplan exclaimed. They’re not even in middle school and already have impressive resumes. “I was in Matilda on Broadway and also School of Rock on tour,” Briglia explained. Jim was in […]

  • Queens principal empowers her students with a strong sense of sisterhood

    Jamaica, QUEENS—Strength and confidence come to mind, when you’re in the presence of Mala Panday. A strong mama bear, who doesn’t use fear, to lift her young cubs up. She was born in Guyana and came to the U.S. at age two. She says ambition and the slogan that education is power is what drove her to be empowered. And empowerment is the ultimate goal at the Young Women’s Leadership School in Queens. From the first time young girls step […]

  • NYC couple creates successful sightseeing company based on their love for the city

    NEW YORK—A trip around the city with Real New York Tours is not for the faint of heart. There’s no sitting on a bus, looking through a window at the sights and sounds of the Big Apple. Instead you’ll be traveling by foot and by subway, with an up close view of the history of Manhattan. Luke Miller and his wife, Amber, are the founders of this unique experience. They say it all started with their love of New York […]

  • Ann Liguori talks about women in sportscasting now and how she helped pave the way for others

    NEW YORK—The hairstyles may have changed through the years but there’s one thing that’s remained the same about Ann Liguori. “I loved sports. Growing up I had an older brother everything he did I had to do athletically,” Liguori said. Like playing tennis. But her small town didn’t have a girl’s team, so she played on the boy’s. And her love of sports didn’t stop there. “I always wanted to pursue sports broadcasting with my athletic background,” Liguori explained. She […]

  • Organization’s housing assistance program helps link New Yorkers with disabilities with accessible and affordable housing

    NEW YORK—Like many New Yorkers, Mankad Lalji works two jobs just to make ends meet. “At Olive Garden, I’m a silver roller. And at Home Depot I’m a greeter, and customer service rep,” Lalji said. With a son and a daughter to support, it’s not easy. Especially for Mankad who lives with cerebral palsy. “I could walk with a walker, most of the times. My condition is getting, it was worse, so I need. The doctor said that I need […]

  • How a Michigan girl’s healthy lollipops have turned into a multi-million dollar business

    NEW YORK— She’s just 13 years old, but don’t let her sweet expression fool you. Alina Morse is the founder and CEO of a successful company. “Zollipops are an all-natural, sugar free lollipop that actually cleans your teeth,” Morse explained. She came up with the idea of a healthy lollipop after a trip to the bank. She says the teller offered her a lolly but her dad said no. “My dad told me that I shouldn’t have candy because sugar […]

  • 1 month left until Glaser’s Bakery closes its doors for good after 116 years

    NEW YORK— Customers can’t help but feel like they’ve stepped back in time when they walk through the door of Glaser’s Bakery. “Since 1902. My grandfather was smart. He bought it then,” Herb Glaser said. “Actually, the built-in cabinets were put in in 1918. That’s when my grandfather renovated the store. When I was a kid I thought it would be so great to renovate and modernize and everything but now I am so glad my father did not agree […]

  • Childhood friends who loved shopping for their little girls build successful children’s gift box business

    Brooklyn—They were childhood friends, growing up only blocks from each other in Brooklyn. And their friendship remained tight through the years. “We have a lot of family ties. High school, kept in touch thru college, and then this idea came,” Riki Meris-Koulouroudis said. Now, Effie and Riki are both moms to two beautiful girls and like many women, love to shop for them. “We were out to lunch one day. We were talking about all these awesome things that we […]