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Viewers who feel they have suffered injustices or been wronged contact Howard Thompson for assistance. Since its inception in 1995, “Help Me Howard” has aided hundreds of viewers who have benefited from Howard’s intervention.

Born in Massachusetts, Howard Thompson played high school football and had dreams of playing professionally. At Syracuse University, Howard played college football long enough to receive two concussions and be sidelined from the game. Deciding to use his head for something other than football, Howard transferred to Emerson College where he graduated with a Bachelors of Science in TV production and Broadcast Journalism in 1981.

After graduation, Howard landed a position at WWLP-TV in Springfield, MA as a general assignment reporter. In 1983, Howard moved to Connecticut to cover nightlife in Hartford for WFSB-TV. From 1985-1988 Howard was an anchor for WPXI-TV in Pittsburg, PA, moving in 1988 to NY’s WNBC-TV where he remained through 1990.

At this point, Howard decided to leave the newsroom altogether and explore his passion for racecar driving and international motorsports, which began as a child after watching the film “Grand Prix.” Howard then spent the next few years racing and interviewing drivers for various freelance projects.

In 1994, Howard returned to television full time as host of Disney’s Los Angeles-based program “The Crusaders,” a nationally syndicated magazine program which served as the stepping stone for “Help Me Howard.”

In 1995, Howard caught the attention of WPIX and he was hired as a weekend anchor, and it was at WPIX where he created the “Help Me Howard” concept. By mid-year, the long-form investigative interviews had transformed into what is now “Help Me Howard.”

Since its inception, “Help Me Howard” has aided hundreds of viewers who have benefited from Howard’s intervention. His tenacious investigations have run the gamut, from shutting down an unlicensed medical practice to helping a local family with a bogus contractor. In addition to resolving major conflicts; Howard also seeks to expose con artists. As a result, Howard won his first Emmy Award for best Business/Consumer Program Series from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS).

An avid cyclist, Howard has completed The American Diabetes Tour de Cure as well as the Tri-State Trek, a three-day bike ride that benefits Lou Gehrig’s disease research.

He is also adept in the kitchen, and has perfected his own recipe for what he calls “the best Bolognese sauce this side of Bologna!”

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    NEW YORK — Sheena Wellington had big plans for her teenage son, Ricardo. She saw him as a model and wanted him to enroll at the Barbizon School in midtown. It cost her $790. She says she made sure to ask about the refund policy which provided for a full refund if Ricardo decided not to take the classes. Sure enough, Ricardo decided he wasn’t into modeling. The contract said Sheena had to send a certified letter to get the […]

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    NEW YORK —Two women who didn’t know each other spoke to me about similar issues. They’d each brought their dog to veterinarian, Dr. Timothy Mann. And each was dissatisfied with the outcome. Erica has a ten-year-old miniature Pinscher named AJ. AJ had a cancerous lump on her chest. Dr. Mann operated. AJ’s life was saved. But the care the dog received touched off a dispute that has Erica taking the veterinarian to small claims court. Lisa Russell lost her dog […]

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    In all the years I’ve been doing this, I’ve never had a story quite like this one. A few years ago, Deborah Blair of Brooklyn, had a problem with an employer. She says she was sexually harassed at the gym where she was working and lost her job. She wanted to sue. So she turned to a guy who had done legal work for her before and had become a friend, New York attorney Michael Roy Bressler. Bressler said he […]

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    LONG ISLAND — Mark Thomas and his wife, Christie, got married more than three years ago — but the Long Island couple still didn’t have a decent video of their wedding. They paid $6,000 for a wedding package from Wedding Plaza and its business associate, Arias Studio. They have the stills, but the video was so bad you almost can’t understand a thing anyone is saying. Mark says he has spent all this time trying to get the video fixed and all he’s […]

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    BROOKLYN — A Brooklyn man, who was blamed for a car crash that wasn’t his fault, was forced to rent a car to get his own vehicle fixed. But the insurance company refused to pay the full amount of the rental car, so he called PIX11 for help. Sanitation worker James Bontemps was driving his car and stopped at a traffic light at the intersection of Kings Highway and Flatbush Avenue last September. When the light changed to green he started […]

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    NEW JERSEY — It’s been a long battle for Nina Saria just to keep going. The immigrant from the Republic of Georgia has battled a rare auto-immune disease, a horrible surgical disappointment and the U.S. State Department. But now she’s won! We first told you about Nina over the summer. The disease all but destroyed her kidneys. She wound up on dialysis three times a week. She’d found a transplant donor on Craigslist, but when she woke up from that she […]

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    Squatters on Howard’s radar finally agree to move

    A squatter living in a home a woman purchased last year has finally agreed to vacate the building by the end of February. A few days before Christmas, Beverly Daniel got the best present she could have imagined. The lead squatter inhabiting the home she’d purchased signed an agreement in court agreeing to vacate the building by Feb. 28. It also applies to other illegal occupants. Daniel bought the home last year. But renter Ethiel McClean never left. He just […]

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    Howard searches for architect who doesn’t answer woman he promised to help

    CANARSIE, Brooklyn — An architect from Queens was nowhere to be found after he promised to help a woman draft up new papers for her two-family home, so PIX11 stepped in. Denise James said she was getting clobbered by taxes because the city considered her house a three family when it was really a two-family home. She needed an architect to draft new papers so she could get a new certificate of occupancy. James found Alfred Mierzejewski, of Flushing, after reading good reviews […]