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Greg Mocker joined PIX11 in April 2010 and he has been on the trail of something different ever since.

He began his journalism career in 1995 as a Reporter/ Bureau Chief at KTEN in Ardmore, OK. He moved to WJBF in Augusta, GA and then in 1999 to KOB in Albuquerque, NM. At both stations he served as a Reporter/Anchor and covered City Hall and neighborhood issues. He worked at KPHO in Phoenix, AZ until 2007.

In 2008 Mocker moved to New York to produce and create video content for TurnHere and StudioNow.

At PIX11, Mocker has focused on the MTA and city agencies. He has been accused of being “overly dogged.” He is best known for removing a television from the lake at Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

Mocker graduated from Ohio University bachelor’s degree in Journalism. He lives in Queens.

Recent Articles
  • Tall buildings spark ‘fight for light’ at Midtown park

    MANHATTAN, N.Y – Go for a walk around New York City and you probably will pass right by 217 East 51st Street. It’s a tiny slice of this big place. It’s tucked between Second and Third Avenues in Midtown Manhattan. Trees spread out and green plants lounge on the walls as they soak in the light. And yes, there’s a waterfall. The sound bounces off the buildings that border the place. People who live and work in the area sit […]

  • Amtrak offers inside, underground look along Penn Station tracks

    650,000 people come and go every day at Penn Station. The 100-year old facility serves riders from Long Island, New Jersey and the Northeast coast. 21 tracks await the passengers. But they all funnel down to 2 tracks. Amtrak, which owns and maintains Penn Station, is formulating a major repair plan. Officials say it’s the first big overhaul in two decades. They say weekend projects have been scheduled and regular inspections are being done. But two major incidents in April […]

  • Newark Airport re-opens after engine caught fire on United Airlines flight

    NEWARK, N.J. — Newark Liberty International Airport has re-opened after an engine caught fire on a San Francisco-bound flight Tuesday night. United Airlines Flight 1579 from Newark to San Francisco was supposed to depart at 9:22 p.m. The plane was taxiing down the runway when the tower notified the crew of flames from one of the engines. The crew immediately halted the plane and deployed chutes to evacuate the passengers. Buses were dispatched to the tarmac to transport approximately 124 passengers safely […]

  • Subway stations get new look as riders adjust commute

    You could call it an extreme makeover for the subway station. Work began last year at 9 stations along the F line in Brooklyn. Crews first worked on the platforms headed to Coney Island. As of Monday morning, those reopened and now the Manhattan-bound platforms are closed. This part of the project will last until the beginning of 2018. Trains do not stop on the Manhattan-bound side of the station. Riders have to walk to another one or ride the […]

  • MTA hopes broken escalators at new subway station are fixed Monday

    One of the ways riders get to the new Second Avenue Subway has been closed for most of the week. The escalators at 83rd Street and Second Avenue were taken out of service. Crews have been working to repair them. MTA representatives hope the escalators will be working again Monday. The MTA says a sprinkler malfunction damaged the escalators at this entrance. Both problems are being investigated. Other entrances are available at 86th Street and Second Avenue and MTA staff […]

  • Amtrak could return to Grand Central because of Penn Problems

    Riders, elected leaders and railroad officials are wondering how a major fix-up at Penn Station will impact service. New schedules are being worked on in advance of the construction in July. One of the ideas being considered is moving some Amtrak trains from Penn Station to Grand Central Terminal. Amtrak used to stop there and the track infrastructure is in place. Officials will not confirm the plans. If two of the 21 tracks are shut down at Penn Station, officials are […]

  • Could light rail connect neighborhoods between Long Island City and Jamaica, Queens?

    The project is still in the beginning stages but neighbors and city leaders are getting together to talk about a possible light-rail service along tracks owned by Long Island Rail Road in Queens. The line runs from Long Island City to Jamaica and is mainly served by freight traffic. NYC Council appropriated $500,000 for a study which was completed earlier this year. You can read the some of the outreach presentation from the NYC Department of Transportation here. It acknowledges […]

  • MTA responds as transit troubles slow riders around New York and New Jersey

    It’s a tough time to be on the train. The age of several systems are presenting problems for Amtrak and the state of New York. On Thursday, Amtrak officials appeared before a committee of the New York State Assembly. Amtrak owns and is responsible for maintaining Penn Station. Riders Alliance also held a rally in front of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office calling for an action plan from the MTA to address short-term repairs and projects. The MTA’s Interim […]

  • ‘Twin Peaks’ on MetroCards helps add millions to MTA budget

    A hit television show is making an appearance on some MetroCards. “Twin Peaks” will begin a new incarnation of the series May 21 on Showtime. The cable network is advertising on the back of 100,000 new MetroCards. The MTA does not disclose the prices of the individual campaigns. A spokesperson for the MTA says advertising in stations, trains and on cards adds more than $145 million a year to the budget. Since 2012, MetroCards advertising has generated an average of […]

  • Inspections, repairs and better communication are planned at Penn Station

    (MIDTOWN, NY) — After another long week with more extra-long commutes, commuters were moving in and out of Penn Station with fewer delays Friday evening. New Jersey Transit issued a notice of possible 30-minute delays due to speed restrictions. Some New Jersey State Assembly Members were given an inside look and tour earlier in the day. Amtrak owns Penn Station and is responsible for maintenance. The company receives some federal funding and New York and New Jersey contribute for LIRR […]