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Greg Mocker joined PIX11 in April 2010 and he has been on the trail of something different ever since.

He began his journalism career in 1995 as a Reporter/ Bureau Chief at KTEN in Ardmore, OK. He moved to WJBF in Augusta, GA and then in 1999 to KOB in Albuquerque, NM. At both stations he served as a Reporter/Anchor and covered City Hall and neighborhood issues. He worked at KPHO in Phoenix, AZ until 2007.

In 2008 Mocker moved to New York to produce and create video content for TurnHere and StudioNow.

At PIX11, Mocker has focused on the MTA and city agencies. He has been accused of being “overly dogged.” He is best known for removing a television from the lake at Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

Mocker graduated from Ohio University bachelor’s degree in Journalism. He currently lives in Queens.

Recent Articles
  • PIX Ice bucket challenge

    WATCH IT: PIX11 anchors, reporters take Ice Bucket Challenge above 42nd Street

    (PIX11) - PIX11 viewers and staff alike have been challenging the reporters and anchors, and it was finally time to take the challenge. Tamsen Fadal challenged Greg Mocker, Kaity Tong and James Ford. They accepted the challenge. The Ice Bucket Challenge has raised more than $53 million for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. We would all like to challenge viewers to support the cause and learn about the disease, we hope you enjoy our PIX11 Ice Bucket Challenge. Donations can […]

  • Mocker talks to drivers who got tickets for legal parking

    Check your windshield and email for NYC traffic tickets

    When the folded, orange envelope appears on the windshield of the vehicle, you know there’s trouble. Parking tickets are a fact of life (and driving) in New York City. A bill will be introduced at Thursday’s New York City Council meeting that would also send an email to drivers who receive a parking ticket. An actual paper ticket would continue to be placed on the vehicle. The city already has a program in place that sends emails to companies who […]

  • jaywalking referee

    Self-appointed Jaywalking Referee calls out NYC pedestrians

    It doesn’t take long to find a jaywalker in New York City. People cross when the signs say don’t walk and walkers regularly dart from in between cars in the middle of the road. Two New York City residents,  Jaehyuk Choi and Mario Garza, had an idea to get people’s attention about the dangers of jaywalking and the injury statistics. They created the “Jaywalking Referee” and hired an actor who has appeared at some busy intersections this summer. NYPD is […]

  • New wayfinding maps toappear at sxaubway stations

    Subway stations get new neighborhood maps but more are needed

    Navigating the New York City subway system is a challenge. The MTA is partnering with the NYC Department of Transportation to update the local-area maps in the stations. More than 68 different versions currently exist within the system. The new maps have a coverage radius of about 12 blocks and provide more site-specific information to that station. The maps are located near some of the entrances and exists. Some riders would like to see more information available at the platform […]

  • G Train service added

    Shuttle buses serving G train during big closure add to traffic

    Until September 2, 1014, there’s no G train from Long Island City, Queens to Nassau Avenue in Brooklyn. Shuttle buses are serving those stations. The MTA is monitoring riders and demand and the location of signs. Crews are doing repair to the tunnel that connects Queens and Brooklyn on the G. In the first week, neighbors, drivers and some elected leaders asked the MTA to revisit the holding areas for the shuttle buses. The MTA says this closure for 35 […]

  • Commuters Return To Mass Transit After Three Day Strike

    NYC’s subway lines ranked from best to worst

    NEW YORK (PIX11) – If you’re traveling in New York City, bet on lucky number 7. That’s according to a new report from a transit advocacy group that ranked the 7 subway line as the best in the city. The worst? The “terrible 2.” NYPIRG’s Straphangers Campaign released their findings Wednesday examining the city’s 20 subway lines, how often they show up and whether when they do arrive, if commuters can find a seat or have to push trash out […]

  • Commuters Return To Mass Transit After Three Day Strike

    Signal problems and electrical issues stop NYC neighbors in their tracks

    A short circuit along East 149th Street and 3rd Avenue in the Bronx stopped the subway and some businesses in the area. Con Edison, which provides electrical service to the area and the transit system, is reviewing the problem.

  • New York City Subway and Bus Fares May Increase

    Oy!: MTA plans toll and fare hike — and another one looms after that

    NEW YORK (PIX11) — Get ready to pay more for your commute. The MTA announced plans Monday to move forward with a planned toll and fare hike starting next year, but the increase may not be as high as originally thought. The agency likely will put into effect a 4 percent fare hike for 2015, less than the original proposed hike of 7.5 percent. It’s still unclear how that 4 percent will be spread across individual fares, weekly and monthly […]

  • As of Friday, crews were still at work at the pier in Greenpoint.

    Will the ferry be back for riders dealing with a major subway shutdown?

    Sandy-related repairs begin Friday night on the G line and run every day until September 2. The train will not run from Court Square in Long Island City to Nassau Avenue. The East River Ferry is supposed to be ready for commuters at the Greenpoint location. It has been unavailable since February, when a walkway collapsed into the river. No one was hurt and the city has inspected other piers. “Our goal is to complete this work as quickly and […]

  • Transit Riders Council Chairperson and MTA Board Member Andrew Albert discusses new ideas for MTA signs

    MTA signs could get a new look

    Specific cross-streets for buses. A calendar. Better information about the impacted area. The Transit Riders council says more and better info needs to be on MTA construction signs. The council released a report called “Every Which Way But Direct” after a survey of stations and a study on signs. It found some station signage was posted in obscure locations in stations or not posted at all and signs on subway cars were difficult to find, if it could be found […]


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