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Greg Mocker joined PIX11 in April 2010 and he has been on the trail of something different ever since.

He began his journalism career in 1995 as a Reporter/ Bureau Chief at KTEN in Ardmore, OK. He moved to WJBF in Augusta, GA and then in 1999 to KOB in Albuquerque, NM. At both stations he served as a Reporter/Anchor and covered City Hall and neighborhood issues. He worked at KPHO in Phoenix, AZ until 2007.

In 2008 Mocker moved to New York to produce and create video content for TurnHere and StudioNow.

At PIX11, Mocker has focused on the MTA and city agencies. He has been accused of being “overly dogged.” He is best known for removing a television from the lake at Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

Mocker graduated from Ohio University bachelor’s degree in Journalism. He lives in Queens.

Recent Articles
  • Should I walk or use a Citi Bike?

    Lingering snow impacts transit systems and Citi Bike

    Snow piles are a reminder of the storm that visited New York City on Monday and Tuesday. The snow is still an issue for Citi Bike. Citi Bike, the bike sharing program in New York City, reported that 75 percent of its stations had been cleared as of Wednesday. That would mean 25 percent had issues. There are about 400 Citi Bike stations in NYC. Riders had to find other ways to get around after the storm. PIX11 News Reporter […]

  • turnstyle closed subway after storm, MTA

    Riders and officials debate decision to close NYC subways during storm

    After being closed for what ended up to be 10 hours and playing catch up on Tuesday, public transit in New York City returned to its regular weekday schedule on Wednesday. Governor Andrew Cuomo and MTA Chairman Tom Prendergast answered questions this week about the decision to close the subways as part of a Monday evening’s travel ban. They explained that they met and made conference calls Monday afternoon. State leaders gathered to make a decision around 4:30 p.m. based […]

  • Time to check what’s happening to the Clock Tower in Queens Plaza

    The building has been along Queens Plaza North since 1927. The subway grew around it. Now buildings rise around it, more tall everyday. Tenants are receiving eviction notices. No formal plans have been filed with the NYC Department of Buildings. Last year, neighbors requested the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission consider the location. It is under active review. It needs to be “calendared” before any protection is put in place. The development company listed as the owner did not respond to […]

  • Higher gas tax could raise money for drained NJ Transportation Fund

    Because of safety concerns, two bridges in New Jersey have been closed this month and the NJ Transportation Commissioner has ordered hundreds more to be reviewed and reinspected. Dover’s Prospect Street Bridge and the span across the canal at Amwell Road in Franklin Township are closed down. They are listed among the 600 “structurally deficient” bridges in the state. That classification doesn’t necessarily mean they are unsafe. They have issues with the road or structure. About ten percent of the […]

  • New York City Subway and Bus Fares May Increase

    MTA votes to raise base subway fare, double bonuses

    NEW YORK (PIX11) – The MTA approved a mass transit fare hike plan Thursday that will take effect March 22, 2015. “The MTA has been able to limit these fare and toll increases to the equivalent of 2% a year thanks to our continued aggressive cost-cutting, while still adding service and improving service quality for our growing number of customers,” said MTA Chairman and CEO Tom Prendergast. The MTA Board approved an additional 25-cent raise of the base subway fare from $2.50 […]

  • (Photo: Getty Images/Stock photo)

    Gov. Cuomo proposes AirTrain to connect LaGuardia with subway

    NEW YORK (PIX11) - A day before his State of the State address, Governor Andrew Cuomo offered a look at his priorities for the coming years. He spoke at the Association for a Better New York about transportation and infrastructure. He called for an AirTrain to LaGuardia that would connect with the 7 train and LIRR at Mets-Willets Point, as well as better airport access throughout the region. The AirTrain, similar to the one already in use at John F. […]

  • Men in bodysuits re-create ‘manspreading’ and other subway ‘dont’s’ [VIDEO]

    NEW YORK (PIX11) — You may have noticed the new subway etiquette signs the Metropolitan Transportation Authority rolled out earlier this month. They are part of a new campaign to improve the quality of life for commuters. The signs feature colorful, faceless, stick-figures who participate in a number of new “don’ts,” including pole-dancing, manspreading and clipping your toenails. Now, two New Yorkers have taken it upon themselves to bring the figures to life. According to the Village Voice, Christian “CJ” Koegel and his partner […]

  • 7 train

    Weekend service halted for part of 7 train line until May

    NEW YORK (PIX11) – No 7 trains will run between Manhattan and Queens this weekend while crews continue their work on a series of capital improvement projects. The service change starts at 2 a.m. Saturday and lasts until 5 a.m. Monday, according to the MTA. It’ll happen again the weekend of Jan. 24-25, Jan. 30 – Feb.2, and Feb. 6-9. Disruptions along the 7 line will continue into May due to the underground construction. This weekend, no 7 trains will […]

  • School bus

    Traffic cameras could be mounted on school buses to catch bad drivers

    When a school bus makes a stop to drop off a student, drivers also have to hit the brakes. But all too often, cars swerve around the bus. New York State lawmakers are again considering a proposal to allow cameras on the stop sign that is deployed when a school bus makes a stop. Community Education Board 31 in Staten Island is again advocating for the measure.

  • poledance

    Nail clippers, pole swingers scolded by new subway PSAs

    NEW YORK (PIX11) — If you didn’t do your nails before you hopped on the subway, too bad. Have a lot of bags? Tuck ‘em under the seat. And showtime is over.   Those are the messages being sent by the MTA in the latest round of courtesy campaign signs that are going to be popping up on train cars around the city. It’s part of an effort to crack down on some of the most egregious subway misbehavior that commuters […]


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