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Greg Mocker joined PIX11 in April 2010 and he has been on the trail of something different ever since.

He began his journalism career in 1995 as a Reporter/ Bureau Chief at KTEN in Ardmore, OK. He moved to WJBF in Augusta, GA and then in 1999 to KOB in Albuquerque, NM. At both stations he served as a Reporter/Anchor and covered City Hall and neighborhood issues. He worked at KPHO in Phoenix, AZ until 2007.

In 2008 Mocker moved to New York to produce and create video content for TurnHere and StudioNow.

At PIX11, Mocker has focused on the MTA and city agencies. He has been accused of being “overly dogged.” He is best known for removing a television from the lake at Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

Mocker graduated from Ohio University bachelor’s degree in Journalism. He lives in Queens.

Recent Articles
  • subway

    New transportation apps are delayed in NYC

    In April 2014, the MTA approved a contract for a company that was creating a smart-phone application. Checking in now, NJTransit is known for the smartphone applications.  

  • happy helmet brooklyn inventor MindRider

    Happiness Helmet tracks travelers mood around NYC

    A Brooklyn inventor has created mobile technology that maps that concentration levels required to get around New York City. Arlene Ducao built a helmet that uses sensors to track brain activity. It’s called MindRider. It’s currently a prototype. The team wears the helmets which track activity and performance. It’s connected via bluetooth to an app that maps the experiences.n They have been using cyclists to test it. Ducao says they have been invited to share the results of the Manhattan […]

  • tunnel atlantic avenue

    180-year-old locomotive could be buried under Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn

    Is a locomotive that’s more than 180 years old buried under Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn? It’s a stretch of line known as possibly the oldest subway in the world. Some people are calling for it to be rediscovered and they’re inviting the city of New York to join them. Bob Diamond, with the Brooklyn Historic Railway Association, is known for the tours he conducted along and beneath Atlantic Avenue from the 1980s until 2010 (when the city said safety concerns […]

  • The average New Yorker spends more than 6 hours a week just getting to and from work. (Photo: Getty Images)

    MTA admits service is ‘not where it needs to be’

    WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn (PIX11) — At the monthly MTA New York City Transit committee meeting, agency leaders said service is “not where it needs to be.” Transit President Carmen Bianco says the agency is developing short and long term plans to address record ridership, improvements and repairs. Delays and waiting times have increased and on Sunday, the latest fare and toll hikes kicked in. Officials also blamed a harsh winter on some of the problems. Work begins 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday along […]

  • train

    Track engineers explain delays and repairs along MTA tracks

    NEW YORK (PIX11) – Delays can be caused by all kinds of factors, people and equipment. Crowds, signal problems, track fires, switch problems, sick passengers and rail conditions are only a few of the reasons that regularly delay riders. Representatives from MTA Track Engineering Division met with the New York City Transit Riders Council during the group’s monthly meeting. The agency is doing additional inspections which can lead to more delays as necessary repairs are made. The MTA says the […]

  • fare

    How to save money when MTA fare and toll hikes kick in

    NEW YORK (PIX11) – It happens on midnight Sunday morning. The latest round of fare and toll hikes take affect. The last increase was in 2013. They amount to about a 4% increase for fares and tolls. The MTA has posted signs that detail some savings: Put $5.50 or more on a MetroCard at a time to get an 11% bonus. That lowers the price of the swipe (which goes up a quarter to $2.75). If you take more than […]

  • bedford

    MetroCard vending machine slows down riders in Bed-Stuy

    BED-STUY, Brooklyn (PIX11) – Delays, repair work and long lines aren’t the only things that interrupt your ride. Broken MetroCard machines send riders scrambling to other entrances.  In Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, the Bedford/Skillman Block Association wrote a letter to the MTA and local Assemblymember about a problem at one entrance at the  Bedford-Nostrand stop. It has one MetroCard machine while the other side has three and a booth.  The association is asking the MTA to consider adding another machine to accommodate […]

  • Greg Mocker talks to Meres One about the campaign.

    Artist from 5Pointz creates street-art campaign for NYC professional soccer team

    Fans will pack Yankee stadium on Sunday but it will not be for a baseball game or a concert. New York City Football Club hosts it’s first home opener in the Bronx. The team, affiliated with Major League Soccer, is introducing itself to the city with a New-York style campaign. Videos show the athletes giving away tickets in city streets and interacting with fans. The first advertising images in newspapers and billboards look like street art. They display iconic architecture […]

  • Weird, hilarious inventions could make make commutes easier

    NEW YORK (PIX11) — Public transportation in NYC has been inspiring inventors and their inventions for years. Getting around on public transportation in New York City requires skill. There’s a record number of riders … and who knows what else. In order to battle the crowds and any potential germs, some inventors have gone to the drawing board. Some inventions from New York City subway riders were first profiled in amNewYork. A creator of Pandle spoke to PIX11 News Reporter […]

  • mta pothole repair crew

    MTA crews fill potholes on bridges and in tunnels in a flash

    Potholes are the one sure sign that spring is almost here. The craters can eat cars and filling the potholes can cause traffic problems. MTA Bridges and Tunnels invited PIX11 News Reporter Greg Mocker for a ride with a road crew. The agency has two trucks with robot controlled arms to clear, clean and fill potholes on seven bridges and in the two tunnels. It sprays air and a mixture of tar and rock. Crews can move quickly to the […]


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