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  • tribune media wire CREDIT? MAINE Geraldine Largay Appalachian trail

    Lost hiker’s message: Please call my husband, daughter when my body is found

    MAINE — Geraldine Largay knew she was so very lost that the chances of her making it out of the thick Maine woods were gone. She had been writing in her journal every day and one of her final entries showed she was resigned to her fate. “When you find my body please call my husband George and my daughter Kerry. It will be the greatest kindness for them to know that I am dead and where you found me — […]

  • sears 2

    Sears may sell 3 iconic brands

    NEW YORK — The slow, painful demise of Sears continues. The struggling retailer, which also owns equally troubled Kmart, reported a loss of $471 million in the first quarter, worse than a year ago. Sales fell more than 8%. Sears also announced that it may sell three of its iconic brands — Kenmore, Craftsman and DieHard. The company said it is looking at strategic alternatives for its Home Services installation and repair businesses as well. These three brands — dubbed […]

  • A Chinese commercial condemned as racist by many is pictured in Maty 2016.

    Most racist ad ever? Chinese detergent commercial sparks outrage

    A black man and a young Chinese woman are flirting, as he leans in for a kiss she thrusts a detergent capsule in his mouth and bundles him into a laundry machine. She sits atop the machine as the man spins and screams inside until, to her apparent delight, out pops a handsome Chinese man dressed in a clean, white t-shirt. This staggeringly offensive advert is attracting outrage on both the Chinese and wider web, with users blasting it for […]

  • US President Barack Obama listens as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe speaks at a bilateral meeting during the Group of Seven (G7) summit meetings in Shima ON May 25, 2016. / AFP / JIM WATSON        (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

    Obama arrives in Hiroshima to stress ‘very real risk’ of nuclear weapons

    HIROSHIMA — President Barack Obama has arrived in Hiroshima, the first visit by a sitting U.S. president to the site of the world’s first atomic bombing. “71 years ago on a bright cloudless morning, death fell from the sky and the world was changed,” Obama said at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. “A flash of light and a wall of fire destroyed a city, and demonstrated that mankind possessed the means to destroy itself.” Obama’s remarks came after he laid […]

  • girl1b1

    Mom says girl recorded having sex in school bathroom was victim of human trafficking

    FORT MYERS, Fla. — A community firestorm erupted after hearing about a 15-year-old girl having sex with boys in the bathroom at a Florida high school. The county’s sheriff’s office has even become involved after images and videos of the sex acts ended up on social media. A lot of people have commented and shared the story, many casting judgment about the young girl. Her mother reached out to the local NBC affiliate, WBBH, asking the media outlet to share […]

  • A unisex sign and the "We Are Not This" slogan are outside a bathroom at Bull McCabes Irish Pub on May 10, 2016. (Credit: Sara D. Davis/Getty Images)

    Officials in 11 states sue Obama administration over transgender bathroom directive

    Officials in 11 states, including Texas, will sue the White House over its new transgender directive in schools, once again pitting the Lone Star State against an administration they have relished fighting. Three individual school districts have also joined the federal lawsuit, according to the lawsuit , which was filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas and obtained by CNN. Joining Texas are Alabama, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Utah and Georgia. Two school […]

  • Border officials say a woman was busted for allegedly smuggling more than a pound of meth, disguised as burritos.Officers stopped the 23-year-old Nogales woman this weekend as she crossed the border through a pedestrian gate.

Credit: U.S. Customs and Border Protection

    Alleged drug smuggler carried ‘meth burritos’ over border

    NOGALES, Ariz. — Border officials say a woman was busted for allegedly smuggling more than a pound of meth, disguised as burritos. Officers stopped the 23-year-old Nogales woman this weekend as she crossed the border through a pedestrian gate. A positive alert by a CBP narcotics detection canine help officers find slightly more than a pound of meth, worth more than $3,000. The drugs were disguised as a bag of burritos. Border officials report a number of other drug seizures […]

  • Alix Idrache gets emotional during graduation events at the United State Military Academy.

    Emotional photo reveals Haitian West Point grad’s American dream

    If you need proof that triumph can have many faces, look no further than this stunning photo of recent West Point graduate Alix Idrache. Idrache graduated and became a second lieutenant along with more than 950 of his classmates Monday. Amidst the pomp and circumstance, an Army Staff Sergeant photographer caught him during an emotional moment. While making it through the U.S. Military Academy is certainly accomplishment enough, Idrache left a beautiful message on the school’s Instagram that explained why […]

  • Report Cites Obesity As Major Health Hazard

    Americans are fatter than ever, CDC survey finds

    The results are in from the one of the largest and broadest surveys of health in the United States. And although many of the findings are encouraging — more Americans had health insurance and fewer smoked cigarettes in 2015 than in previous years — the gains were overshadowed by rising rates of obesity and diabetes. Every year since 1957, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been asking Americans 18 and older about their health and the health of […]

  • Untitled design

    American Airlines waives man’s $200 change fee after witty letter

    The next time an airline hits you with a fee, you can either go on a epic rant about “Big” Business and their “evil” ways. Or you can do what Alex Hamberger did. He took the honey over the vinegar approach and look where it got him. Back in March, a sudden illness forced Hamberger of Buffalo, New York, to cancel a flight to see his 9-month-old niece in Kansas City. He had to rebook, and we all know what […]


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