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Ayana Harry reports the PIX11 News at 5 and 10.

She was previously a reporter at FoxCT, where she was the New Haven Bureau reporter. The Emmy nominated journalist joined the station in January 2011.

Ayana was the only journalist to interview Ron Taylor, a man once exonerated for a 1993 murder, but then ordered back to prison in one of the most unique cases in Connecticut legal history. She also reported on the aftermath of tropical storm Irene, Hurricane Sandy and tornadoes in the Springfield, Massachusetts area. Ayana was one of the first reporters on the scene of the Sandy Hook School shooting ¿ providing live reports from Newtown as events unfolded.

Prior to working at FOX CT, Ayana was a digital reporter and field producer for ABC News covering the Northeast. Ayana’s work took her beyond the region for major breaking news stories. She contributed exclusive reports for the network from Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and from the Gulf Coast after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

While at ABC News, Ayana also covered some of Connecticut’s biggest news stories including the Steven Hayes trial, the shooting at Hartford Distributors, Inc. and the 2009 murder at Yale. Prior to working as a digital journalist, Ayana held the positions of associate producer, production associate and desk assistant at ABC News in New York.

Ayana graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics.

Recent Articles
  • Police search for tip jar thief in Staten Island

    STATEN ISLAND — Four small businesses on Staten Island say tip jars have been stolen from their counters in recent weeks. Borhan Salous is the owner of M&M Deli and Bagel on Annadale Road. Their surveillance cameras show a woman stealing their tip jar on January 13. “Both my workers they were busy with other customers so she looked around. Nobody is looking. She grabbed the whole tip jar and she ran away,” Salous told PIX11. Police identified 27-year-old Dana […]

  • Ceiling crashes down on family in NYCHA housing in Brooklyn

    CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn — A father woke up in a panic when he heard a loud crash and screams inside his Crown Heights home. “I just heard a loud crash followed with screams,” Daniel Jeter said. “And when I heard the screams I ran to the middle room and when I opened the door I just couldn’t believe what I saw.” Jeter’s nightmare was real. The leaky ceiling in his apartment finally caved in. Broken debris landed on and completely […]

  • Parents angry Transportation Department hasn’t done more to make intersection near Queens school safe

    WOODSIDE, Queens — Parents at P. S. 11 in Queens are calling for pedestrian safety measures along Skillman Avenue. Students who need to cross Skillman at 54th Street have to do so without a cross walk or stop sign. “This is a new entrance to the school,” mom Sara Howell said. “Now there’s hundreds of kids leaving from this entrance and there’s nothing to get them across the street safely.” Parents held a press conference with City Councilman Jimmy van […]

  • Services held for victims of massive Bronx fire

    WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, Manhattan — Hundreds gathered Monday evening for services honoring give relatives all killed in the massive December Bronx blaze relatives. Holt Francis; his wife, Karen Stewart-Francis; their daughters, 2-year-old Kylie and 7-year-old Kelesha; and their 19-year-old cousin, Shawntay Young were among the 13 people killed. They’ll be buried in Jamaica following the Washington Heights service. “It’s difficult to put one down, much less five and then it’s the whole the family,” relative Andrene Paul said. “Not even the […]

  • Former Hasidic mom wins back custody of children after coming out as gay

    NEW YORK — Chavie Weisberger is braving a new world as a single mother in New York City after walking away from a failing marriage and her conservative religious roots. “Growing up in the Hasidic community, that takes up every detail of your life,” Weisberger explained. “I was living under this threat of losing my children completely which ultimately happened.” Like most teens in her Hasidic Jewish community, Weisberger recalls having little choice in who she could marry. At the […]

  • Crime plummets in Brooklyn neighborhood previously known as notorious ‘war zone’

    EAST NEW YORK, Brooklyn — Crime rates plummeted in 2017 in a Brooklyn neighborhood notoriously known for decades as a violent area. The 35 percent drop in shootings and 52 percent drop in murders spurred a Tuesday visit by Mayor Bill de Blasio. “They’re doing great, great work,” he said about the officers. Man Up!, a nonprofit community organization that works to stop violence, has also worked to make the neighborhood a safe place. “Now you can go into the park. […]

  • Pregnant woman who escaped deadly Bronx fire released from hospital, mourns loved ones

    BELMONT, the Bronx — Monday night’s candlelight vigil for the victims of the deadly Bronx fire was especially difficult for Kadian Blake. The pregnant mother, who just got out the hospital, was the last person to make it down the fire escape of the burning building alive. Her silent tears spoke volumes. Blake sobbed for her aunt and three cousins she lost in last Thursday night’s fire — one of the deadliest the Bronx has seen in decades. Karen Francis, 37; […]

  • Teen identified in fatal shooting at Bronx Sweet 16, suffered gunshot to the neck

    MORRIS PARK, the Bronx —A teenager died after he was shot in the neck at a Bronx Sweet 16 party. Sincear Williams was one of two teens shot at the party, police said. A 17-year-old male was also shot in the left arm at Maestro’s Caterers along Bronxdale Avenue shortly before 12:30 a.m. Thursday.  Williams died at the hospital, police said. The second victim was taken to the hospital in stable condition. “It’s shocking because my daughter was actually at that party last […]

  • Father, sons imported $25 million in fake luxury goods: Nassau police

    FLORAL PARK, N.Y. — Nassau County Police announced the arrest of a Floral Park father and his two sons as part of an investigation into thousands of counterfeit luxury items. Police say the goods they seized included phony Gucci, Prada, Burberry and Louis Vuitton items, and if authentic, would be valued at $25 million. Mahmood Nasir, 55, and his sons Rubail Nasir, 18, and Ramish Nasir, 22, were taken into custody and face felony counterfeit charges. All three will appear […]

  • Brooklyn Grandma plans to sue city, says cops forced her to stay inside apartment for 16 hours

    BROWNSVILLE, Brooklyn — A 54-year-old Brooklyn grandmother who was woken by the sound of police banging on her apartment door late one night plans to sue the city after she says officers forced her to stay inside the apartment for 16 hours. Officers were looking for Rolinda Walls’ daughter on Oct. 21 when they showed up at the Dumont Avenue apartment around 11 p.m., Walls said. The daughter they were looking for was not there. “I opened the door and I […]