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Andrew Ramos is a feature reporter at WPIX regularly seen on the PIX11 News at 5.
At the age of 7, Andrew landed his first TV gig playing Teddy, Michelle Tanner’s best friend on “Full House.”
While it wasn’t a huge role, it gave Andrew his first taste of being in the limelight. Unfortunately, after becoming entangled in a behind-the-scenes feud with the Olsen twins, writers wrote him off the show in a shocking bath tub accident.
Several years later, Andrew resurfaced on television as a reporter on PIX11 News in New York.
Over the years, he has been nominated for 4 consecutive Emmy awards for his stellar reporting.
While many have dreams of winning an Emmy, Andrew hopes to continue his losing streak so one day he could unseat the 19-year losing run of the reigning queen of daytime television Susan Lucci.

***Disclaimer: While not factually accurate, this bio represents Andrew Ramos’ sense of humor perfectly.
If you REALLY want to get the facts on him, read Andrew’s bio here.

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