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Andrew Ramos is a feature reporter at WPIX regularly seen on the PIX11 News at 5.
At the age of 7, Andrew landed his first TV gig playing Teddy, Michelle Tanner’s best friend on “Full House.”
While it wasn’t a huge role, it gave Andrew his first taste of being in the limelight. Unfortunately, after becoming entangled in a behind-the-scenes feud with the Olsen twins, writers wrote him off the show in a shocking bath tub accident.
Several years later, Andrew resurfaced on television as a reporter on PIX11 News in New York.
Over the years, he has been nominated for 4 consecutive Emmy awards for his stellar reporting.
While many have dreams of winning an Emmy, Andrew hopes to continue his losing streak so one day he could unseat the 19-year losing run of the reigning queen of daytime television Susan Lucci.

***Disclaimer: While not factually accurate, this bio represents Andrew Ramos’ sense of humor perfectly.
If you REALLY want to get the facts on him, read Andrew’s bio here.

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    PIX11’s Andrew Ramos trolls school children in the name of Thanksgiving

    MILL BASIN, Brooklyn — It’s clear Thanksgiving is a time for family. However, for some it can be a little stressful. For the youngsters on the other hand Turkey Day has its own meaning. PIX11’S Andrew Ramos spent the day with students from PS 236 in Brooklyn where they talked about all things Thanksgiving.

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    ‘I feared for my life’ — man at the center of viral twerking sex attack breaks his silence

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — If 40-year-old Washington Tharpe doesn’t look familiar, maybe this will jog your memory. He’s the man in the now-viral surveillance video being harassed and twerked upon by two women a gas station. It was back on Oct. 7 when the local middle school teacher stopped for gas at a Washington, D.C. area Shell gas station. When he attempted to pay the clerk, that’s when it all began. Tharpe said he’s breaking his silence now to tell his […]

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    Hottest gadget of 2015 ‘hoverboards’ now illegal in NYC

    NEW YORK — They’re the must-have gadgets of 2015. Those zany, futuristic so-called hoverboards that let just about anyone glide across the city seamlessly. However, now the fun police — also known as the NYPD — are pulling the plug on the popular hoverboard. According to a tweet pushed out earlier in the week by the 26th Precinct, the hover board is illegal as per NYC Admin Code 19-176.2. Code 19-176.2, though, defines the said motorized scooter as having “handlebars” […]

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    Community outraged after developers attempt to rename South Bronx ‘The Piano District’

    SOUTH BRONX — Ask just about any Bronx resident and they’ll tell you the waterfront of the borough facing Manhattan is and will always be known as the South Bronx. However, if you noticed a recently erected billboard along side the Third Avenue bridge, the South Bronx is now apparently The Piano District. That’s according to two developers who will soon be moving into the neighborhood. Somerset Partners and The Chetrit Group will be raising a $58-million residential complex along […]

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    Dessert chef behind Cronut reinvents cinnamon bun with ‘Cinnamon Spun Roll’

    NEW YORK— Just when you thought the cinnamon bun was perfect just the way it was, Chef Dominique Ansel – the brains behind some of the biggest dessert trends – reworks the well-known dessert. “Our new pastry is called the Cinnamon Spun Roll and it’s made of a long thread of dough with cinnamon and its absolutely delicious,” the chef told PIX11 News. The roll, which is dipped in a custard bath and drizzled with Applejack, Brandy-spiked frosting is baked […]

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    ‘The Bedford Stop’ reality show about ‘latte-drinking airheads’ puts final nail in Williamsburg’s coffin

    WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn — They’re the young hipsters that have set up shop in the trendy neighborhood of Williamsburg that star in a new YouTube series called “The Bedford Stop.” Whether its brunch or getting that perfect tinder profile pic, it’s all documented for your viewing pleasure. However, if you’re paying attention to the critics, it’s also perfect for “all of your hate-watching needs.” “They say some obnoxious things but I don’t take them too seriously,” The Bedford Stop creator Mikey Ortiz […]

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    Women sought after twerking attack on man at D.C. gas station

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Most would agree, twerking has a time and a place. However, at a Washington, D.C. gas station, these women play by their own rules. In surveillance footage released by D.C. police this week, two unidentified women are seen twerking on, groping and harassing a man they did not know. The bizarre incident, which happened on Oct. 6, is being classified as sexual abuse and has authorities on the hunt for the two suspects. According to police, the video […]

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    Patriots knit for wounded warriors returning home from service

    RUTHERFORD, N.J. — It’s just another afternoon inside the 55 Kip Center in Rutherford, N.J. where needles and yarn are hard at work and a group of patriots knit for a noble cause. Over the course of a year, their inventory has ballooned to well over 100 knitted creations that include blankets, hats and scarves. All of the items are headed to numerous military hospitals in Washington, D.C. and North Carolina this month as part of the Nassau County Firefighters’ Operation […]

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    Latino children send profane message to Trump in now-viral video

    NEW YORK (PIX11) – It’s the curse-filled message a group of Latino children have for Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump. The viral video titled “Trashing Trump: Latino Kids Pound Racism Like A Piñata” was produced by Deport Racism, a political action committee that aims to fight anti-Latino racism and anti-immigration. Their campaign is solely directed at the Donald. “You have attacked people for speaking ‘Mexican,’” a young boy screams in the YouTube video. “Um it’s Spanish idiota!” responds another. The Deport […]

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    Rockefeller Christmas tree has been cut down and is on its way to NYC

    GARDINER, N.Y. — The Christmas season was in full swing up in Gardiner Wednesday where this year’s Rockefeller Center Christmas tree was cut and then hoisted on a trailer to make its momentous trek to New York City. As many as four generations of the Asendorf family has seen the Norway Spruce grow from a pint-sized bush in their yard in Ulster County to the giant we see today. “The kids played in it, they made forts in it when […]


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