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  • Woman confesses to putting four newborns in concrete-filled buckets

    TOKYO — A Japanese woman was arrested Tuesday after police say she confessed to putting four newborns in concrete-filled buckets two decades ago and having been filled with guilt over not caring for her babies. Human remains were identified in four buckets found in her condominium, an Osaka police official said, requesting anonymity due to department policy. Mayumi Saito, 53, was arrested Tuesday on charges of abandoning bodies, a day after she turned herself in at the police station. Saito […]

  • Trump gives himself a ‘10’ for Puerto Rico hurricane response

    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is giving himself a “10” for the hurricane response in Puerto Rico. Trump met Thursday with Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello at the White House. The president says the federal government has done a “really great job.” He says he has given his blessing to Congress for a funding plan, but adds that the governor “understands that these folks can’t be there forever.” Rossello said Trump “has been clear that no US citizen will be […]

  • 13-year-old boy dies after jeep hits him in Harlem

    HARLEM, Manhattan — A 13-year-old boy who was struck by a jeep in Harlem on Wednesday has died, police said. Kayshawn Whitick was running on 5th Avenue with another boy when he was hit a white vehicle, police said. He was not in the crosswalk at the time. A nearby nurse rushed over to help. She said the teen was initially conscious, but lost  consciousness after blood started coming out of his nose. Paramedics arrived quickly and took over. Whitick was rushed […]

  • North Korea threatens to launch missiles at U.S. military bases on Guam

    North Korea says it is examining its operational plans for attacking Guam to contain U.S. bases there. The army said in a statement distributed Wednesday by the state-run news agency that it is studying a plan to create an “enveloping fire” in areas around Guam with medium- to long-range ballistic missiles. The U.S. territory is home to Andersen Air Force Base. The statement says the move is in response to a recent U.S. ICBM test. It comes as President Donald […]

  • Man accused of having sex with couple’s pet donkeys on several occasions

    FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – An Arkansas man is accused of sexually abusing a couple’s pet donkeys on several occasions after he was caught having sex with the animals on a game camera set up to catch trespassers, according to Siloam Springs district court documents. Everett Lee Compton, Jr., 49, was arrested Monday in connection with five felony counts of cruelty to animals, according to KFSM. Compton also faces four misdemeanor counts of bestiality and criminal trespassing. The donkeys’ owners told police […]

  • Drinking more coffee leads to a longer life, two studies say

    Greater consumption of coffee could lead to a longer life, according to two new studies published Monday. The findings have resurfaced the centuries-old conversation on coffee’s health effects. One study surveyed more than 520,000 people in 10 European countries, making it the largest study to date on coffee and mortality, and found that drinking more coffee could significantly lower a person’s risk of mortality. The second study was more novel, as it focused on non-white populations. After surveying over 185,000 […]

  • Schumer calls on FDA to regulate ‘snortable chocolate’

    NEW YORK  — U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer is urging federal regulators to look into a “snortable chocolate” powder, saying he’s worried that it could prove harmful and is being marketed like a drug. In a letter Saturday, the New York Democrat asked the Food and Drug Administration to investigate the use of caffeine in inhalable food products such as so-called Coco Loko. It’s gotten buzz in recent weeks. Schumer, the Senate minority leader, says there are too many unanswered questions […]

  • Move over Pizza Rat — meet Lollipop Raccoon

    Forget pizza rat – meet lollipop raccoon. The raccoon was spotted at Riverside Park rummaging through a trash bin. The wild kingdom lives on the streets of New York. It wasn’t until the animal ran up a tree that the chosen treat became obvious. It was a lollipop. Pizza may be enjoyed by rats, but this raccoon has sweeter tastes. Pizza rat, the rat that was filmed dragging a slice of pizza down New York City subway stairs, was the […]

  • Cuomo free tuition plan prompts wider debate on college cost

    ALBANY, N.Y. — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to give middle-class students free tuition at state colleges has touched off a broader debate about the cost of an education — and several alternative proposals. State Senate Democrats on Monday offered their own plan, which would make tuition free for students from families earning up to $150,000, compared to Cuomo’s $125,000 threshold. The new proposal would also give lower income students more help with room and board and $10 million […]

  • Full list of 97 companies fighting Donald Trump’s travel ban

    NEW YORK — A long list of tech firms, from the largest in the nation to startups, have joined to support legal fight against President Donald Trump’s travel ban. Tech companies frequently depend on immigrant labor. The travel ban has been put on hold by a federal appeals court. On Monday, 97 companies signed a motion supporting the suit brought by the attorneys general of Minnesota and Washington state. Almost all are tech companies. AdRoll Aeris Communications Airbnb AltSchool, PBC […]