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Over 100,000 without power in New Jersey; people trapped by downed power lines and trees

BASKING RIDGE, N.J. — Trees and downed power lines have blocked people in Basking Ridge from leaving the house for days. On Peachtree Road, a utility crew arrived this morning to remove wires that kept 2 houses on a dead end from seeing snow plows or a safe way out since Wednesday’s nor’easter.

On Harrison Brook Drive, residents dealt with a tree down on one side of their block and a utility pole across the other side.

"We can’t do anything. We haven’t been to the food store. We’re running low on everything,” mom of two Jill Hamilton told PIX11. "So we’ve been stopping our generator at night so we can preserve our gas and stuff. But it’s getting to the point where it's so cold at night that it’s dangerous. I mean there are children in Basking Ridge sleeping in their snow suits because it is so cold in their homes.”

The tree on Hamilton’s block was removed this morning but live utility lines are still strung across her driveway.

Basking Ridge is JCP&L territory. Additional workers have been brought in from out of state to help get the lights and heat back on.

Utilities are asking people to stay away from any downed wires that are in their neighborhood. In case they are live. Yesterday a mans car in Bergen county came in contact with a downed wire. It caught fire and he died.

"It is very scary. It is a dangerous situation. I’ve called JCP&L eight times. All I’m asking for is the ability to leave so I can get gas so the kids can stay warm," Hamilton said.

In an update online, JCP&L said they plan to have power restored to most customers by next Wednesday.