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St. Louis man celebrates marriage ending by buying divorce cake

You’re used to eating wedding cakes, but how about a divorce cake? Well one St. Louis couple celebrated the end of their marriage in an untraditional way.

Joshua Dickey decided to commemorate his divorce by buying a cake online. He and his ex-wife Kayla were married for almost three years when they decided to call it quits.

“I wanted to get a cake, so I started looking up some stuff and found one online," Dickey told PIX11 News. "My mom said she wanted to pay for it."

A picture of the cake was posted on Facebook and went viral. He also took a photo on Snapchat to document the couple’s final divorce court appearance.

It seems his ex-wife is in on the joke.

"She didn’t see the cake in person," said Dickey, "But, I showed her a picture and she laughed about it. She’s taking it all with good faith."

The 22-year-old says he is planning a two and a half week trip to Europe this summer. ​​