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Police arrest man who exposed himself on train

NEW YORK — Police have arrested a man connected to a series of incidents where he exposed his groin on the train.

Dennis Sacaza, 52, was arrested Nov. 23, 2017 after he exposed himself on the train.

Dennis Sacaza, 52, was arrested Thursday morning after police say he exposed himself on the train in 2016 and early this year.

The first incident happened Sept. 25, 2016 when a 31-year-old woman was on a southbound 6-train going towards 34th street when Sacaza, who was sitting across from her, exposed his groin before leaving the train, police said.

On Jan. 31, police were reported of a similar incident on a Brooklyn-bound L-train at the Atlantic Avenue station. Sacaza was sitting across a 30-year-old woman when he exposed his genitals and masturbated, according to police.

Sacaza was charged with three counts of public lewdness.