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Police fatally shoot man who stabbed women in the Bronx; body cam footage reviewed: officials

TREMONT, the Bronx — The shooting of a man who allegedly stabbed two security guards in the Bronx appears to be justified in footage captured by police body cameras, but ultimately the NYPD's Force Investigation Division will review the incident and decide, sources said Tuesday.

Cornell Lockhart, left, is accused of using this knife to stab two women in the Bronx on Nov. 13, 2017. (NYPD)

Cornell Lockhart, who locals say is a Vietnam veteran and former boxer, is accused of stabbing two female security guards in the lobby of a Hughes Avenue building Monday evening.

Both women, Kathy Hope, 48, and Michelle Sutton, 29, according to the NY Daily News, were hospitalized.

“She’s in stable condition,” Hope’s son, Anthony, told the Daily News. “The guy apparently missed her major artery in her arm.”

Police responded to reports of the stabbings, and opened fire after telling Lockhart, 67, more than 20 times to drop the knife he was holding, officials said. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Lockhart was reported missing in late August by the local precinct. It is not clear when he was found, or where he was in the two and a half months between that report and the fatal shooting.

The shooting was captured on police body cams, and will be reviewed by the NYPD's Force Investigation Division, which investigates such incidents.

Thus far, the fatal shooting appears justified, police sources who reviewed the footage said Tuesday.