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Is Little Debbie retiring one of their treats?

Could Little Debbie be retiring one of their favorite snacks? Nope.

The American snack food company caused a huge debate online after they teased the retirement of one of their sweet treats.

The company’s Twitter asked,  “Which one?” with an image of four of their classic sweets, captioned “One gotta go forever…”

The four classic Little Debbie treats that were apparently “in danger” of getting axed are Christmas Tree Cakes, Oatmeal Creme Pies, Nutty Buddy and Honey Buns.

Since the tweet went out, many, including author R.L. Stine and actor William Shatner, voiced their opinions, hoping their favorites are not on the chopping block.

Later on, the company allegedly admitted they had no plans to get rid of any products — they just wanted to get people talking about their favorite snack

CNN contributed to this report.