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As fears over North Korea grow, more people head to survival stores

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WHIPPANY, N.J. — The sabre rattling by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have been unnerving to say the least.  His six nuclear tests and repeated launches of Intercontinental ballistic missiles, some of which are capable of reaching the United States. His threats have frightened some people to the point that they are seeking ways to protect themselves in the event of an attack.

Those fears have resulted in a spike in business for Frank DeMaio who runs a one-of-a-kind survival store, GET OUT SAFE, in a small strip mall in Whippany, New Jersey.

He sells such items at iodide potassium pills to protect against radiation, multi gallon water purification tanks, freeze-fried food, protective masks, and much more. He recently sold a family of 7, some of who came in from Ohio, some $4,000 worth of survival supplies.  He said people are "scared and they don't know what this North Korean guy is capable of doing."