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It’s a G Thing: Lightsaber choreography group fights for charity

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Fantasy meets philanthropy in the fields of Central Park as Jedis and Siths come together for the love of Star Wars.

Saber Guild is a costumed choreography group and a national not-for-profit organization that shares its passion for Star Wars. This devoted group represents the Empire temple, or the New York chapter.

They practice weekly, learning move after move.

“It embodies what a Jedi is to me, they are the guardians of the galaxy, they are there to help the community and help others,” said assistant local director Amy Chrzanowski.

The Empire Templed perform at schools, hospitals, comic conventions and sporting events. They also teach adults and kids classes.

“It’s all to raise money for our local charity which is St. Mary’s Children's Hospital Network,"  Chrzanowski said.

For the members, which anyone can try out to be a part of, this order brings a sense of belonging and empowerment. It’s a chance for the participants, who come from all backgrounds, to be active and creative.

The message here is clear: you can still do good no matter if you’re on the light or the dark side.