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Looking for a job? NYC is looking to hire first-ever ‘night mayor’

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NEW YORK — Is New York City about to get a whole lot more nightlife friendly?

The City Council voted Thursday to create a nightlife commission, with 12 members and one more person to head it.

Nicknamed the “night mayor,” the gig would create one person to act as a liaison between the $10 billion-a-year nightlife industry and the neighbors around them.

Giving a helping hand to the mom and pop operators of places that showcase after hours artists and performances. The 12 members would be chosen by the mayor and city council speaker. The night mayor is the pick of Mayor Bill de Blasio, which he needs to do in two months.

It's all the brainchild of City Councilman Rafael Espinosa, who's also taking aim at dismantling the ancient, and often reviled Cabaret Laws. He vows to do that after the commission is in place.

Similar moves have been made by several European cities: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin  – where lots of success has followed.

The young Brooklyn city council member behind the bill is advocating for the businesses he reps in Bushwick, East New York and Brownsville.

The councilman says this night mayor position has improved the nightlife overseas while improving the quality of life for everyone who lives around them.

“Noise complaints have gone down and crime complaints have gone down and I expect the same thing to happen here in the city,” he said.

Jim Montemorano, a small business owner in DUMBO though says he can't see how City Hall can help folks. With a chuckle he adds, “unless they’re putting money in my pocket.”

Resumes are being accepted at City Hall, if you think you have what it takes for the job.