Howard gets through to Amazon

Ever have to get hold of a big web company about a problem?  You know: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google. Try getting hold of someone who seems to care.  Good luck, right?

That was Jonathan Ng’s situation.  He was making a few extra dollars selling video game systems on Amazon.  Then back in February Amazon’s security team sensed fraud.  IT suspended his selling privileges and held on to the last $1,530.58 he’d made.

Look at the email Jonathan received: “We reviewed your account…you may not sell on …We may permanently withhold payments….we may not respond to further emails about this issue.”

A little arrogant there, eh?

“They didn’t offer any proof.” Jonathan told me. “They didn’t send me any warnings. They just locked my account.”

Jonathan couldn’t get anywhere to resolve this.  So he contacted us.

We got hold of a contact at Amazon.  Yes, a real, live person. We forwarded Jonathan’s proof that he actually delivered every item he sold.  And our contact apparently she got it into the right hands.  Because about a week later Jonathan was reinstated as a seller and had his money.

He’s happy.  And so are we that Amazon did the right thing relatively quickly.