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Entrepreneur doesn’t honor pledge to Howard, fails to pay more than $13k

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You’d think a guy who describes himself online as an entrepreneur, business developer, philanthropist, actor, singer, improv freestyler and dancer would be happy to get some free TV time.  But Micah Ainsley Brown has been avoiding me.

Maybe that’s not so surprising, though.  Because I want to talk to him about why he’s refusing to honor a court judgment for more than $13,000.

Micah always seems well-dressed.  His bio bills him as “the CEO & Founder of Centiment, an Artificial Intelligence company dedicated to using human thought to make the world more equal.”  You’d think he’d have the dough to make good.

But he hasn’t paid Jeff Tome a cent on the judgment.  Jeff had to go to court because Micah took more than $12,000 from him to write code for a gaming app he was developing.  In June I went looking for Micah.  And afterwards, he left a message asking us to wait 30 days and he’d have money from investors to make the payment.

But guess what.  Thirty days came and went with no money and no word from Micah.  So I took Jeff along and went looking for him again.

This time we went to the site of some seminars he’s supposedly doing at 23rd and 5th.  But the folks in the facility, which seems to house these kinds of events, wouldn’t let us stay.  We left.

And all Jeff heard from Micah came in some late night taunting emails.  Here’s an example. Micah wrote him, “And you will never be half of who I am.” He called Jeff a “fool" and a “dumba--,” threatened him with arrest and included an emoji giving Jeff the finger.

This is a CEO?  This is a businessman?  Honestly, it makes me wonder what this guy is doing.  But, judging by his online clips, he is a decent freestyle dancer.