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President Trump may attend US Women’s Open at his NJ golf course

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BEDMINSTER, N.J. –– President Trump has been at his Bedminster golf club three times since becoming president and this weekend could possibly be the fourth.

Will the President show up to the women’s crown jewel of golf this weekend  or not? That’s the big question on the minds of many as the U.S. Women’s Open takes place at his golf course in Bedminister, N.J. this weekend.

It’s the first time the tournament will take place at Trump National Golf Club and all indications, as of now, are he will show up to watch at least one round. Critics say that if he shows up to the tournament it will be an unwelcome distraction.

President Trump has a box waiting for him at the U.S. Women’s Open and the Federal Aviation Administration has posted a notice to its pilots saying there will be a VIP Temporary Flight Restriction in the Bedminister area throughout the tournament.

There were calls for the United States Golf Association to move the tournament to a different location, but that did not happen.

This happening, as the president comes under fire for praising the French’s first lady, for being, “in good shape,” Thursday, according to French government officials.

Many say the president, whose comments have been polarizing and controversial at times, especially as far as women are concerned, will steal the spotlight from the women golfers who deserve it, if he attends and offend many.

So far the White House has not said anything about President Trump attending the US Women’s Open this weekend and neither has the U.S. Golf Association.

Still, many say it’s unlikely he would want to miss a major tournament at a venue that bears his name.