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Follow-up Friday: Here’s how Monica Morales is making it happen

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NEW YORK — Clarissa Muniz is eight months pregnant with her second daughter.

Muniz lives on the sixth floor of her building on Bedford avenue, and says her elevator has been out of service for months with no explanation.

Muniz wants answers.

"I do over a 100 steps everyday. I count every step. It's horrible," said Muniz.

Muniz says the building is six stories and there are 72 units in her building.

Management says they are working diligently on the problem.

The department of buildings said an inspection was scheduled for Wednesday.

On Wednesday, both elevators were back up and running.

Jeanne Barbieri says she no longer allows her children or her dog out in her backyard. She says raccoons are taking over.

"There are at least six of them. They keep us from going in our yard. I have a dog. I have children," said Barbieri.

Barbieri says last Sunday afternoon, her family was eating lunch and saw a family of raccoons enjoying her pool.

"They wouldn't leave. I was banging on the window. They were actually drinking the pool water," said Barbieri.

PIX11 News reached out to the Health department, animal control, and the sanitation department. Barbieri doesn't want the raccoons harmed, she just wants her backyard back.

A spokesperson for the Health Department says, "The Health Department is reaching out to the property owner about addressing the harborage conditions. We have issued a Commissioner’s Order to Abate and have scheduled a compliance inspection to monitor progress.”

Sharon Sanders is a security guard by day, but at night she says she afraid of lurks inside her Sterling Place home.

"I'm scared I'm scared. I have small grandchildren and rats are taking over my living room," said Sanders.

Sanders captured on cellphone video a giant sewer rat jump from her computer table to her kitchen floor.

"I've been making complaints with housing for two years and nothing," said Sanders.

PIX11 News reached out to the New York City Housing Authority.

A spokesperson says," This situation is unacceptable. We will do better to ensure all NYCHA residents have clean, safe homes. Staff is at the resident’s home now making extensive repairs and an exterminator will visit today.”

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