As Mayweather and McGregor trade low blows at news conferences, some fight fans are turned off

The sport of boxing was once referred to as the Gentleman's sport.

However, after the sophomoric antics we have seen this week between legendary boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. and ultimate fighting icon Conor McGregor to hype their anticipate late August showdown.

The fight may have lost a few fans.

Some of those left unimpressed this week includes those who lace them up.

"They are trying to hurt people's feelings with words and I think it's worst than fighting in the ring."

Yurik Manedov is a professional boxer with a record of 6-0. He spoke with PIX11 News while he was working the rope on Friday at the Church Street Boxing Gym in Lower Manhattan.

When asked if feels as if the two fighters have conducted themselves as champions? Manedov quickly offered this verbal jab, "No, not at all. I feel like the way they talk is very unprofessional, it's very unrespectable [sic] for the young professional fighter, because they don't conduct themselves like the young professional athlete."

Outside the gym, PIX11 News caught up with tourists Robert and Amarilis Sotelo both know of Mayweather and McGregor, and both feel while the fight is appealing, the conduct of the two fighters is anything but, "Keep it clean and keep it fun, that is what it is all about right?"

When asked if showering one guys with a bunch of dollar bills or telling another one to "dance for me" while using racial overtones, if that is fun?

Amarilis responded, "That's not ok."

In the Bronx, there was a similar theme inside of Jordan Sports Barbershop. Jason Mercedes' take, as he was getting a little taken off the top, be respectful, "They're both professional fighters. I don't think they have to go out like that."

Meanwhile, others are not taken aback by their conduct, but more so the $100 it will cost to watch the fight in high definition while in the comfort of home.

One barber in Spanish said, "I have never seen such an expensive fight in my life." When asked if he was going to order it? He quickly said... "Noooooo!"