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MTA tests new directional floor mats on subway cars

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"Step inside, please." "Hey, buddy, move in."

Riders make the requests with varying degrees of politeness with the arrival and departure of New York City subway trains.

Now, there's a new tool on the horizon to make getting on and off subway cars easier.

MTA officials confirmed the agency is testing new floor mats on two trains running on the C line. The yellow decals feature arrows that are meant to encourage riders to step inside. They're testing different types for durability.

Crowding can slow down train movement and dwell times inside stations. "Step Aside" mats have been in place on some station platforms for years.

Communication and crowding are key areas being addressed by the MTA's new leadership. More trains, improved signals and infrastructure improvements are also part of the review.

Riders wondered if people would pay attention to the mats, especially when it's crowded.