Firefighters rescue man after safe falls on him at Brooklyn school

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BOROUGH PARK, Brooklyn — A Brooklyn yeshiva worker was rescued by firefighters Monday morning after a heavy safe fell on him, trapping him inside.

Workers at Yeshiva of Machzikai Hadas were moving their Aron Kodesh – a massive safe containing the school’s five Torah scrolls – when the incident happened, Yeshiva World News reported. They were taking the holy scrolls out of the safe so they could move it when a man noticed the safe was unsteady.

He rushed forward to stabilize it, but was unsuccessful and the safe fell on him.

The man was trapped inside on the floor with three Torah scrolls while the FDNY worked to lift the safe off of him.

Video of the rescue shows them inserting wedges under the safe to leverage it up off the floor. They were able to lift it enough so the man could crawl out.

“We got him out,” a firefighter shouted.

The freed school worker had a giant grin on his face when he stood up. Firefighters also removed the Torah scrolls from the safe.

The scrolls are extremely expensive. There have been several Torah thefts from Brooklyn synagogues over the last year.