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Fashion company shows swimsuit models with their stretch marks

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NEW YORK —Swimsuit season is officially here. And if you’re worried about not looking like a model in your suit, one company is trying to change that.

Take a look at this ad. Yep, those are stretch marks. See, swimsuit models really are just like us.

The British fashion retailer ASOS is celebrating natural beauty. They are featuring several women in bathing suits and lingerie showing their birthmarks, stretch marks and even acne.

This comes following backlash when the company was called out for body shaming after labeling a “size 6” as a large.

This season Target also made the move not to retouch swimsuit model ads.

On social media, consumers are praising ASOS for promoting the hottest trend this season body positivity. One thanking the company for not photoshopping stretch marks. "It will help girls embrace theirs...I am!!" she tweeted.