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Coney Island Cyclone coaster turns 90

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CONEY ISLAND, Brooklyn — The "Big Momma" of Coney Island coasters turns 90 on Monday.

The Coney Island Cyclone debuted on June 26, 1927 and became a landmark in 1998. It's been entertaining and thrilling millions of New Yorkers and tourists throughout the years.

"It's 90 years of history on wheels," said Angie Morris, a spokeswoman for Luna Park. "It has the drops, the turns and there's also curiosity about it. You want to see for yourself how scary it is."

Molly, 11, is finally tall enough to ride the cyclone so it's a first for her and her grandfather from Hawaii. The Cyclone's age doesn't worry John Mason, Molly's grandpa.

"I'm 74," he said. "Age doesn't bother me."

The wooden coaster features an 85-foot plunge, 60-degree plunge. It is the second steepest roller coaster in the world and has 2,640 feet of track and 12 drops.

Kevin Summers, 58, has been riding the Cyclone for half a century.

"It is scarier than ever," Summers told PIX11. "It feels like the 70s. It is fast and it is perfect."

Cyclone rides will be just 90 cents each Monday starting at noon. The birthday deal will last until just 1:30 p.m.

For more information on the Cyclone and Luna Park at Coney island, visit their lunaparknyc.com.