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Family-friendly road trips on a budget (on just 11 gallons of gas)

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We're taking you on road trip for Friday morning's PIX Financial Fix.

Lisa Mateo is showing how you can entertain the family on a budget. She has a few family friendly trips you can get to on just 11 gallons of gas.

  1. Wheatley Heights, Long Island: The Adventure Park at Long Island
    (10 Trails, 15 zip lines, 5 difficulty levels, and over 140 challenge bridges - largest forest climbing park in NY. Glow in the Park: trees lit up by glow and laser lights and music! Adults (12+): $56 Kids (7-12) $42-49 Discount after 6 pm)
    Website: https://longislandadventurepark.org/
  2. Poughkeepsie, NY: Walkway over the Hudson State Historic Park                                   (The former Railroad bridge stands 212 Feet above the Hudson River with an elevator to the top, features 18 miles of scenic trails, connects the historic highland to uptown Poughkeepsie. The longest elevated pedestrian bridge in the world. Shops, restaurants, children`s museum)                                                                                                           Website: https://walkway.org/
  3. Brick, N.J.: Jersey Shore Pirates:                                                                                        (Your mini mates will have the opportunity to dress-up like pirates, get face painted, and learn pirate lingo before setting sail on an hour and fifteen minute long action packed adventure. Mates will participate in an interactive treasure hunt on the high seas and work as a team to defeat the enemy pirate who has stolen the keys to their treasure. $12 children 2 and under $22 adults and children over 2                                                                                           Website: http://www.jerseyshorepirates.com/
  4. THROUGHOUT THE 5 BOROUGHS: 6/3 - 6/12 OUTDOORFEST The 4th annual OutdoorFest takes place throughout the 5 boroughs. It is a celebration of the outdoors and offering several opportunities to get active in nature with local experts. Activities: overnight campout, 5K Night Trail Race, hikes and stargazing sessions, survival skills tutorials, outdoor yoga classes and fly fishing lessons, mountain biking, surfing, kayaking, stand up paddleboard, rocking climbing live music.                                                                       Website: http://www.outdoorfest.com/