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Police rescue of duck on L train tracks went ‘swimmingly’

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BUSHWICK, Brooklyn —It wasn’t quite a wild goose chase, but police officers did track down a duck on the northbound L train tracks Friday morning.

Officers Frantz Chauvet and Anastasiya Mishchenko responded to the Jefferson Station in Bushwick around 9:20 a.m. to rescue the duck, officials said. They asked for backup and Emergency Services Unit Detectives Kevin Conway and Michael Black joined them.

They rescued the duck and removes it safely from the tracks, officials said. Officers Chauvet and Mishchenko took the duck upstairs and released it at Highland Park near the reservoir.

“Ducked our cops at Jefferson St, nearly roasted by the L train, apprehension went swimmingly, we’ll add the return trip to his bill,” Transit Chief Jospeh Fox said.