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Howard steps into pet care dispute

NEW YORK —Two women who didn’t know each other spoke to me about similar issues. They’d each brought their dog to veterinarian, Dr. Timothy Mann. And each was dissatisfied with the outcome.

Erica has a ten-year-old miniature Pinscher named AJ. AJ had a cancerous lump on her chest. Dr. Mann operated. AJ’s life was saved. But the care the dog received touched off a dispute that has Erica taking the veterinarian to small claims court.

Lisa Russell lost her dog Jed to diabetes. She claims Dr. Mann was too busy to properly instruct her how to deliver insulin to her pet.

Dr. Mann, whose business is based in Stuyvesant Town/Gramercy Park, declined our offer to talk on camera. He issued a written statement about AJ that said in part, “ Two amazing surgeons employed at Whole Health (Dr. Mann’s veterinary hospital) along with a great nursing staff performed the procedure and saved AJ's life. We wouldn't change a thing about how we proceeded in this case and are proud of everyone involved."

The folks at Dr. Mann’s hospital say they do not remember Lisa Russell and did not offer a comment on her accusations.