Must have gadgets you need at home

Celebrity Designer Courtney Cachet shared her top gadget picks that you need in your home.

Lumarx Hair Removal

  • Uses IPL tech-same as pros
  • 2x more effective as at home laser
  • 66% less hair in one year
  • 100% money back guarantee

Sengled Pulse

Nest Thermostat

  • Programs itself,pays for itself
  • Learns your habits in a week
  • Turn on and off from app miles away
  • Shows you how much you’re saving!
  • $249, available at Home Depot


  • Connects non smart appliances with remotes like ceiling fan
  • Only way to connect is with BOND
  • 2 minutes-plug in, point, connect
  • Also works with Amazon Echo (Home Depot)
  • $99

Ninja coffee bar

  • Five brew types
  • Six sizes
  • Frother
  • Filterless
  • $199 and available nationwide


  • HD, motion detection, night vision, multi-camera viewing angles
  • $129.99 at Office Depot