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Students at Hell’s Kitchen culinary school unable to cook due to lack of gas

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HELL'S KITCHEN, Manhattan -- Students at a culinary high school are unable to cook at their school in Hell's Kitchen due to a lack of gas.

"A lot of the kitchens aren't working," said Melanie Vaquereano, a junior at the notable Food and Finance High School along 50th Street in Hell's Kitchen.

According to the school's twitter account, 430 students can't learn and are unable to cook because they do not have gas in all of the kitchens, a fact that Vaquereano validated to PIX11 News on Thursday.

"My class is a junior class, so we are able to cook, but I don't think that the other classes feel that it is ok that they can't cook."

Vaquereano says this has been going on since September.

The lack of gas really burns students who viewed the school's curriculum as a recipe for success.

"A lot of kids come over here just to cook that is their main priority just to be a chef when they grow up," Vaquereano said.

Not only is there no gas, Vaquereano also adds there has been no information provided or updates by the school administrators.

"The principal hasn't said anything."

We asked, Monica, the mother of one student in the program if she had heard from the school or Department of Education on the matter, "No, no just her. Just my daughter."

And while Toya Holness, a spokesperson for the DOE failed to answer PIX11's inquiries as to why the administration has not informed parents or why this issue has persisted so long, she did send over a statement with the following:

"The necessary repairs are being completed and we expect all of the kitchens to be fully operational this month, pending an inspection by the FDNY."

The DOE did follow-up a few hours after the statement to state again that they were made aware of the situation and are working as quickly as possible to resolve it.

The DOE added they have adapted a curriculum to ensure students are learning the theoretical and academic components of culinary arts, with seniors engaging in off-campus internships.