Grooming guide items

1) Straight Edge Razor from NYC Barber
Elite Barber Shop- E. 94th street in NYC- will show straight edge razor to face on model
• End of “Movember,” people who havent shaved, can get a local shapeup from their barber
• Clean, no mess, inexpensive, handled by a professional

2) Shampoo/Conditioner Copper Chemist,
• Non paraben, non sulfate, non drying out shampoo/conditioner
• Thickens hair with copper peptides- strengthens hair folical

3) Black Linen Fragrance- Wearhouse – $75
• Even tho out of summer/sweaty months, still smell good around the holidays
• Citrus/Spicy Herbs/Woody smelling cologne

4) Toppik Hair Building Fibers – $24.95
• Creating appearance of thicker, fuller hair

5) Neutrogena Men Invigorating Face Wash – Target, $5
• Foaming gel cleanser that leaves the face refreshed and not dried out.
• Removes dirt/oil

6) SilkPeel by Jeannel Astarita –
• Gentle/Effective Facial- exfoliating dead skin cells – great right after shaving
• Infuse skin with Hydration boosters/tone skin/fight acne