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Teen previously busted for climbing World Trade Center allegedly scales Central Park high-rise

NEW YORK — A teenage adrenaline junkie who was busted two years ago for sneaking into the construction site of One World Trade Center and taking death-defying pictures, is now apparently at it again.

Justin Casquejo, 18, who was required community service and counseling for the major security breach back in 2014, was arrested just two weeks later for allegedly trying to climb a 175-foot water tower in Weehawken.

He recently posted pictures and videos to Instagram of his latest stunt at an under-construction Central Park high-rise.

The terrifying video shows him and a friend hanging from scaffolding by one arm.

His Instagram account shows the teen — who claims he's limitless — scaling dozens of sites including skyscrapers in Times Square, Columbus Circle, and a beach over the past two years.

Not every one is thrilled with the teen's hijinks though.

A post on the firefighter blog, says, "Should the thrill seeker's selfish acts fail, it will tie up highly trained technical-rescue resources and put members at risk."