Mr. Peanut dabbed at the Thanksgiving Day Parade and people are freaking out

MANHATTAN — Mr. Peanut may wear dated eye wear, but his dance moves are up-to-date.

The monocoled and top-hatted Planters mascot broke out his best dab during Thursday’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and the crowds went, well, nuts.

Mr. Peanut, who describes himself as a nut mogul, life coach and world record adjudicator in his Twitter bio, busted out the dab while riding on a giant peanut float. He droppd his head, stretched out his arm and raised an elbow.


“It’s good to see Mr. Peanut, at age 100, keeping up with the times and ‘dabbing’ on his Peanutmobile,” one person tweeted.

Some were impressed and said they wished they could dab as well as Mr. Peanut.

One man described the anthropomorphic nut as an “absolute savage.”

Others didn’t take the dance so well and roasted the dapper dancer. His moves even prompted one Twitter user to say she had lost her faith in humanity.