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J.K. Rowling tweets ‘lots of love’ to young fan in Aleppo

NEW YORK — Author J.K. Rowling has helped fans travel to other magical worlds thanks to her widely successful Harry Potter series.

And it seems for one 7-year-old fan, escaping her reality and traveling to another world has become a point of survival.

Bana al-Abed who's twitter account, run with the help of her mom, has amassed thousands of followers.

She tweets daily about the bombings in her home city of Aleppo in Syria. Videos and pictures on the account shows the horror no child should ever experience.

To help keep her mind of the constant barrage of attacks, the little girl says she likes to read and watch movies.

Bana and her mom tweeted that they had just watched the Harry Potter movie and wanted to know more about the books — to which J.K. Rowling responded:

"I hope you do read the book because I think you'd like it. Sending you lots and lot of love."

Bana's mom responded inquiring asking how they would get a copy, which prompted handfuls of responses and offers from people to send the little girl audio and e-book copies.