Jenn Jolly: Tech the Halls!

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NEW YORK — Americans will spend more than 36-billion dollars on tech toys this holiday season, breaking all kinds of previous records for gadget-gifts as nearly 70 percent of us plan to put electronics at the top of our lists.

Emmy Award-Winning Consumer Tech Expert Jennifer Jolly is back with the most cutting edge – yet affordable – must-have gadgets for everyone in your family:

1. Galaxy Gear VR: $100
You’ll own a pair of the geeked-out goggles sooner rather than later. Yes, even you Scott, and you’ll like them. A lot. Why? You strap a headset on and the real world fades away. When you look around, you don’t see your office or living room, you see a completely new space that wasn’t there before, filled with things that can delight, scare, awe, thrill, educate, entertain, and just plain blow you away. If you already have a newer Galaxy phone, this is a great choice because it’s inexpensive, high-quality, portable, and a really comfortable fit overall.

2. Navdy: From $67/mo. with 0 percent financing. (Or $800)
The Navdy is a futuristic heads-up-display that pops into a mount on your dashboard, plugs into your cars OBD port, syncs with your Smartphone and projects messages, maps and apps right into your line of sight – almost like it’s appearing on the road ahead of you. It’s kind of like what fighter jet pilots use – minus the missiles. The idea is – put the information you want and need here – right in front of you – rather than having to look at your phone or even to the center of your dash board. Navdy Hand Gestures allow you to accept a call or message with the simple wave of your hand. Swipe left to accept, swipe right to ignore. The Navdy Dial allows you to scroll, zoom and navigate menus fluidly. The Dial also serves as a convenient way to access Siri and Google Now.

3. Lyric T5 Smart Thermostat: $150
Crazy smart. Super simple. This new Honeywell Lyric T5 Wi-Fi Thermostat is an awesome addition – or great first step – toward a true smart home. It works with Siri, Alexa, and adds geo-fences – so that you can program it based on your schedule, or let it adapt to your life as plans change. (And it looks really retro cool…)
The cool new DIY feature is the perfect practical present, with features like:
• Geofencing. The updated geofencing features save money by putting the thermostat into energy saving mode when someone leaves, and detecting when the first person returns to start making the home comfortable ahead of his or her arrival.
• Scheduling. Lyric T5 also provides homeowners the ability to create a more traditional seven-day schedule, so that when the kids are at school and mom and dad are out of the house, money and energy savings kick in.
• Smart Alerts. The Lyric T5 also features smart alerts for extreme temperatures or humidity inside the home, filter change reminders, and more. Because sometimes we need reminders.

4. Tile Slim & Mate Trackers: $30-$100 (several of these)
This gadget is the saving grace for anyone who’s ever lost anything – like their wallet, keys, purse, laptop, smartphone, glasses! These are brand new, super slim and These are brand new, super slim and more powerful than ever. I love these!!!

Tile Mate:
• One Tile Mate costs $25 and a four-pack costs $70.
• Video:
Tile Slim:
• One Tile Slim costs $30 and a four-pack costs $100.

5. Robot Companion Pet Pup $120
Rounding out the best gadget list ever – a robot puppy. Sure, it looks like a toy, but this realistic “Joy for All Pup” has a big job: to bring companionship to anyone and everyone who needs it — minus the mess. Hi-tech built-in sensors and speakers this little rascal responds to motion, touch, the sounds of your voice, and feels super real!

6.   Yoga Book: $500

Perfect for tweens, teens, on-the-go moms, and digital dads: this is the thinnest and lightest 2-in-1 hybrid notebook computer on the planet — and it comes packed with mad-skills. It’s like the Ginsu knife of PC’s: it bends, it folds, it flips, it types, it draws, it plays, it glows. This is the future of laptops

Yoga 910 Convertible Laptop: $1050

Perfect for tweens, teens, on-the-go moms, and digital dads: this super-slim and light 13-inch hybrid laptop is one of the most stylish PC’s on the planet – and it comes packed with mad-skills – like the Ginsu knife of PC’s: it bends, it folds, it flips, it types, it draws, it plays, it fits more screen in less space. This is the future of laptops!