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Gridlock at LaGuardia Airport causes hours of delay weekend before Thanksgiving

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QUEENS — Massive gridlock at LaGuardia Airport caused a traffic nightmare for travelers the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Traffic was reported to start building up around the airport during the evening rush hour. By 5:45 p.m., vehicles in and around LaGuardia Airport were at a complete standstill.

The traffic jam is caused by construction happening around the airport.

The gridlock comes just days before Thanksgiving as people head out to get an early start on their holiday travel. Port Authority has advised people to "allow extra travel time" because "the holiday rush has started."

Expect delays on the M60SBS, Q47, Q48, Q70SBS and Q72 NYC Transit bus lines as they maneuver through the congestion.

New York City did warned people to expect heavy traffic and delays throughout the five boroughs. The Department of Transportation released a list of gridlock alert days — the busiest traffic days New Yorkers should look out for until the end of the year.

Friday was one of the days listed.

People are advised to walk, bike, or take mass transit.

You can find the list of 2016 gridlock alert days here.