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Follow-up Friday: Great grandma gets elevator back; Brooklyn mom goes back to college with PIX11’s help

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NEW YORK — A great grandmother's elevator nightmare in Harlem is over and a Brooklyn mom goes back to college after PIX11 stepped in to help in this week's follow-up Friday.

Laura Bussue, 79, said she felt like she was trapped in her fifth floor Harlem apartment because the elevator has been broken for two years.

Her passion is synchronized swimming and she hasn't gone to practice because of the elevator drama. PIX11 News put pressure on her management company, who promised that someone will come fix the problems and have the elevator working by Monday.

Bussue was able to go to swim practice on Friday.

Kameka Marsh, a Brooklyn mom of three children, is fighting to finish college.

PIX11 News reached out to LaGuardia Community College and school officials stepped in and promise to help her finish her dream.

Marsh is now on her way to being the first in her family to finish college.

Several families in the O'Dwyer Gardens, run by the New York Housing Authority, said they were never sure when water would come out of their faucets because of the ongoing water pressure problem the building has had for months.

"It's really touch and go. I'm sick if it, " said Patricia dilernia, one if the residents. She has four cats and they love her tub because it's become a dry place to play.

PIX11 News reached out to the Housing Authority and a spokesperson said they are looking into the problem.

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