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Brooklyn woman creates foldable paper bike ‘EcoHelmet’

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BROOKLYN -- Oh the power of paper!

It's already used to soften the blow for military airdrops. Soon it could be used to protect your head in the event of a bike crash.

Thanks to the convenience of Citibike, finding a ride in New York has never been easier.

But finding a helmet is still as hard as the plastic shells we put on our heads.

"Well, helmets are an infrastructure gap in cities and bike share," said Industrial Designer Isis Shiffer.

Right now riders either have to carry their helmets with them or ride without one.

"Some people find helmet-less riding kind of nerve racking," said Shiffer.

Which is why she created the EcoHelmet.

Made out paper, the unique design unfolds revealing a honeycomb pattern that helps diffuse the force of impact.

After putting the helmet through several crash tests in a lab, Shiffer won the James Dyson International Design Award.

Soon, she hopes to sell the helmets at Citibike kiosks throughout the city.

"I would love to have a helmet because I'm a terrible bike rider," said tourist Patricia Florido as she checked out a citibike near Prospect Park.

"If you can put it in your bag, yeah I would take it with me and wear it," said tourist Rob Homberger.

The helmets are meant for limited use. Shiffer says they'll probably last about 3 to 5 rides. She expects them to cost about $5 if they're not sponsored.

But the design still needs to undergo more safety testing for the government before you'll be able to buy one for your next ride.