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Trump meets with Mayor de Blasio at Trump Tower; PIX11 camera catches Jeb Bush nearby

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NEW YORK –  New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio left with an open mind after his hour-long meeting with President-elect Donald Trump Wednesday that covered a variety of issues.

"This was a respectful meeting, and a substantive meeting and a very candid meeting," de Blasio said.

The rhetoric ranged from immigration and the talking points heard on the campaign trail to the NYPD's enhanced efforts of community policing. At one point the Mayor even blended the two in providing some perspective to president-elect Trump of law enforcement in the city.

"I let him know something that so many people don't know, that there are 900 Muslim members of the NYPD protecting all of us, every community, every kind of person," de Blasio said.

However, the two men, as different as their beliefs, lifestyles and now professions may be, they do share some common initiatives.

"I say it is time for us to come together as one united people,” President-elect Trump said minutes after being elected.

On Wednesday, Mayor de Blasio reinforced the significance of a unified nation. A clear message that president-elect Trump conveyed to the country after being elected: "I certainly made clear that sending a message of unity is crucial."

The other initiative that Mayor de Blasio is in agreement with president-elect Trump on is his plan to rebuild the nation's infrastructure.

"I can simultaneously have my own beliefs and my own concerns but be ready to work with the president-elect on the issue of infrastructure because it would have a hugely positive impact on millions of New Yorkers," de Blasio said.

As the meeting went on, PIX11 News caught exclusive video of  former Trump foe and Republican Jeb Bush walking quickly away from the vicinity of Trump Tower. When asked if he was seeing the president-elect, Bush responded with a simple “no,” while wishing Trump all the best.