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One-of-a-kind ‘Exhibitionism’ brings you deep inside the iconic career of The Rolling Stones

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They have rocked the music world for more than 50 years and now, The Rolling Stones are taking fans inside the band’s vault of rock treasures, with “Exhibitionism”.

It’s a new museum in the West Village that, until they invent a time machine, is the closest experience you’ll get to hanging out with the band.
PIX11 talked with the Stones about those key moments in rock history.

"Every time I turn around there is another memory," Keith Richards said. "I'm looking at it going is that where I left it?!"

Dirty clothes, iconic guitars, handwritten lyrics and one historic career.

"It's quite amazing to see it all in one room," Richards added.

The story of one of the most influential Rock and Roll bands in the world, The Rolling Stones, is on display in “Exhibitionism."

"Taking the grand view and then going through the small tiny things, like rooms, it was rather interesting for me to see all  the stuff we’ve done in one place," Mick Jagger said.

For Mick Jagger, it was important for this to be entertaining, above all.

"It’s not to amuse me," he explained. "It's not to make me think about it, it's to make other people have an entertaining hour. "

But the legendary front man can’t help remembering those times.

"It's very interesting because you forget how many artists have worked on covers, on posters and all these other things and similarly in the movies like with Martin Scorsese," he added. "We were lucky enough to work with [them].”

So looking back on the half century treasure trove, what grabs their attention most?

"The clothes I think and the relationships you had with all these designers, and the work," Jagger described. "It's like oh this is awful and oh this is great, I love this  and how could I have worn that, but they all look mad.”

It brings it all home for Keith Richards

"It's got to be that apartment, that first apartment is so uncannily accurate,” he said. "I felt like I'm home and it's the most disgusting place."

The exhibit makes guitarist Ronnie Wood remember the early days and how much life has changed.

"Every time I see it there is something else that sparks a memory," he said. "I was around the corner in my first band not far from Edith Grove where these guys were and I thought that‘s the band I want to be in, it just shows you, you can make your dreams come true."

And that dream continues as the band is releasing a new album next month.

"We decided to do a Blues album, and then we decided to do more," Jagger explained. "We did 12 and we decided to put it out,  they sort of had to pull my hair to get them to pull it out  but it sounds really good."

"We had no intention of doing it we just went into a studio to do records and then Mick said oh lets do this one," Richards said.

"Before we knew it we had an album in two days, " Wood added.

As for what keeps these rock and rollers going.

"Good living, cold showers every morning and stuff like that," Richards said.

"Exhibitionism" is the largest touring experience of its kind ever to be staged, and the first time in history the band has unlocked their vast private archive.  "Exhibitionism" will run in New York through March 12, 2017.  For tickets and information please visit