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Veterans helping homeless veterans

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CONEY ISLAND, Brooklyn — For the past few months David Patterson has called the streets of Coney Island home.

He’s one of the more than 50,000 veterans who are homeless in the country.

After serving two years in the Marines, Patterson worked in a factory and on a commercial fishing boat in Florida, but soon found himself unemployed.

Mark Johnson understands Patterson’s situation. He’s a former Marine and sergeant who served in Iraq.

“I had big trouble trying to adjust when I first came back,” Johnson said.

The former Marine now works for the Marine Corps League Brooklyn helping veterans adjust to life after the service. He’s on a mission to find Patterson a home.

He’s made phone calls, but says the process for getting people into shelters is incredibly difficult.

Patterson still sleeps on the streets while waiting to get into a shelter. At night he thinks about his kids and grandkids.

“I’m not asking for a handout; I’m just looking for some help,” Patterson said. ” I don’t know – Just seems like America don’t care anymore.”