People Magazine faces backlash after publishing Donald Trump cover

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NEW YORK — Thousands of people, including celebrities, are criticizing People Magazine's cover of president-elect Donald Trump, accusing the publication of celebrating the win when one of its reporters had accused the TV star of sexual assault.

The magazine headline read, "President Trump- His Life, His Family and His Astonishing Journey to the White House." It posted a photo of the cover on its Twitter page with the caption, "He's Hired- Donald Trump is elected 45th President of the United States in stunning upset."

Many are outraged by the cover because just last month, one of its reporter, Natasha Stoynoff, made headlines when she wrote a story accusing the the then-GOP presidential candidate of groping her during a 2005 interview.

Stoynoff's story ran on People's website and magazine, despite potential litigation from Trump and his wife Melania.

Though a spokesperson for People told several outlets that the cover of the president-elect is not an endorsement or celebration of Trump, many took to social media demanding a boycott.

Director Judd Apatow also tweeted: "F- people magazine. How disgusting. Selling their soul. Sell those mags! F- your employees!"

Chrissy Teigen also tweeted, "If I didn't love you guys so much, I wouldn't feel so sick. So much for that writer, eh?"