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Singer’s sad song catches Howard’s ear

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JERSEY CITY -- Deshai Williams is a young singer from the UK, now living in Jersey City. She’s also five months pregnant and has no need for the hassle she’s getting from the web designer she hired.

She signed a contract with Raoul Rodriguez to build a site for her for $1,500. He never finished it.

Williams: “I gave him an additional $400.”

Howard: “So, now we’re up to about $2,000.”

Williams: “In total it's $2,225.”

After getting a long runaround, Williams contacted us. We went over to Raoul’s house. Unfortunately, Raoul wasn’t home. His mother-in-law told me he was working.

Working, but allegedly  not working on the website that Williams paid him to do.

I left a card, but still haven't heard from him.

Big surprise, right. Well, this one isn’t over. Maybe he’ll do the right thing and refund Williams' money or properly finish the job. If not, I may be visiting him soon.